Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Here are two links of the ACTUAL two page affidavit (sworn statement) which are easier to present like this than to convert them into "postable" Google text.

First page of 2

Last page of 2  

Please note this was sworn to, signed and notarized by an official who had access to Hawaiian Data Bases of personal details of  absentee ballot voters in order to verify their eligibility to vote!

AND Hawaii originally DISQUALIFIED Obama from being on the ballot and he ONLY slipped through because of deadlines to contest his claims to be eligible slipped under the radar!

A CERTIFICATION (not CERTIFICATE) OF LIVE BIRTH (not a Birth Certificate) - allegedly issued to him (and also to his undisputably INDONESIAN born half-sister) and a bevy of FOREIGN born nationals of other countries - easily obtained on a claim by a single parent (or FRAUDULENTLY here by a grandparent) was proved to be a forgery and RAPIDLY withdrawn from the official Obama website.

And scrubbed from the Internet  wherever Obamabots could have it removed, using whatever means it took to do so.

As we said before, the truth is peeking out and Obama may not be able to stop it emerging. About a DOZEN states are passing laws to DEMAND a candidate for President in 2012 has to show his birth documents and prove eligibility.

CURRENTLY neither State nor Federal Law requires that a candidate has to be vetted or checked for eligibility to become President of the USA. And OBAMA WAS NEVER checked.

Not even in Arizona which does have an" eligibility document" requirement to be filled out by candidates but nobody checked nor verified that the Notary (who was from another State all together) and did not testify to the FIRST (important) page of the document being accurate and only stamped and sealed the SECOND (signature only) page. It could have been the second page of any document.

Unlike the above two page Affidavit in Kentucky (links above)  there was nothing on the second page of the Arizona document to connect it to the first page!

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