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Still standing firm, President Mubarak dissolves his government. Probably a stop gap measure to negotiate with his military commanders for them to support him and what they would want in return and also try to see what role the radical power groups, like the banned terrorist Moslem Brotherhood, behind the street cannon fodder THEY LAUNCHED FROM MOSQUES, will accept in a the new government being formed by decree.

Reports have some 10 limousines loading people onto an aircraft at Cairo airport. No details yet but probably prominent family members leaving the danger zone.


Egypt protests: America's secret backing for rebel leaders behind uprising

The American government secretly backed leading figures behind the Egyptian uprising who have been planning “regime change” for the past three years, The Daily Telegraph has learned.


Apart from the Birth Certificate matter - critical to him - having risen to the top of news in theh USA and Egypt clouding his effort to introduce a “perfected forgery” which was allegedly switched on that extra Monday he stayed in Hawaii and could explain Abercrombie going to where the alleged document was being held - without having to explain an out of, or after hours, visit.

He has a Jimmuh Carter, Shah, Khomeini replay on his hands. And sadly for everyone the same idiotic appproach that lost Iran as  an ally to fanatical, murderous clerical Islam he supported.

Unlike Carter following SOVIET urgings to impose Khomeini and weaken the Shah (finally destroying the monarch and the country), Obama is guided and driven by his own Moslem religious upbringing/beliefs and the desire to promote the spread of Islam.

AND fervent desire for the DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL and support of the Moslem Palestinians! Tens of thousands of whom he is importing into America using taxpayer funds to bring, house and financially support them once they are here.

Plus his own Marxist/Socialist principles instilled into him from youth by his mentors and heroes, which also include deep rooted anti-American sentiment, which are pushing him for the touch down move he started when he ordered our State Department, some 18-months ago to engage and deal directly with Egypt based, radical and terror founding Islamic movement of the Moslem Brotherhood.

While he FAILED to support the popular anti-Islamic regime student protests in Iran - June 2009 - because he wanted to “engage” with the Mullahs without pre-conditions, here his support of the demonstrations in Eqypt suit his personal philosophies - as outlined above, and his demonstrated personal aims for Islam and removal of Israel off the face of the earth (as per Islamic Iranian President Ahamdi-Nejad's familiar, repeated slogans).

Note: Islamic movements are less interested - other than philosophically - on destroying the Little Satan, Israel than destroying the Big Satan - and Obama’s own greatest barely disguised antipathy - America!

Just like idiot Jimmuh Carter's blindness to the unforeseen consequences of Khomeini and his destruction of our ally in the late-Shah, which still plague us over three decades later in the form of widespread terrorism and regional instability, Obama has PURPOSEFULLY failed to see the lead up to this emergency.

Or alternatively he truly is the moron who recently interchanges/mixes-up/transposes our activities in Iraq and Afghanistan in a formal, public discussion.

Or is he so ignorant - or happy to ignore - that Egyptian El Baradei, whose Iranian wife is an Ayatollah’s immediate family (sister or niece) helped hide Iran's nuclear activities from the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Admin) - and whose main funding channel for opposing Mubarak comes directly from Islamic Iran! (As did much of Obama's own election campaign funding).

Sudan's Islamic back and forth take-overs, destabilization/ousting of America's ally in Tunisia, take-over of Lebanon's government by Iranian backed Hezbollah all pointing to upcoming political insecurity in Jordan, Yemen, Algeria and Saudi Arabia. But not our enemy Syria.

So far countries friendly to America have become targets and Islamic Iran's influence and power has grown by leaps and bounds. The apple has left thte tree but has not yet hit the ground.

MOST IMPORTANTLY - impaired or blocked flow of oil via the Suez canal - will hurt America. Our energy security and prices of everything inside the USA can predictably rise astronomically.

Unlike his attitude on Iran where he supported the Islamic Mullah regime, he now says “the people of Egypt will resolve the matter”. And “time for reform in Egypt has come” whereas over 30-years the brutal, murderous regime in Islamic Iran was fine with him and the populace did not matter and there was no need for reform in the Ayatollah-land he favored. And who supported him with funding and votes.

In fact the "rights" and "human rights" he has just publicly announced on TV for the Egyptian people were NOWHERE in his remarks to the Islamic Iranian regime and nowhere did he warn the Ayatollahs to stop their brutality and allow their populace to have such rights!

Meanwhile, he has already threatened the current government of Eqypt with cutting off the annual $1.2 Billion military and foreign aid and in a Freudian slip states we have given over $20 Billion to Egypt since 1979 (Iran's Carter inspired Revolution).

Time to stop support for a country that has not fallen to becoming a bloody Islamic regime like Iran, which Obama would appear to prefer?)

Between them, Carter and Obama will go down in history as the two greatest plagues/cancers that hit and eventually obliterated the world as we know it and turned it into a predominantly Sharia run, anti-American caliphate.

Which appears to suit Obama just fine! His narcissistic mindset will take acclaim wherever he can get it,  including the top title of the very worst president ever - worse than Carter.

And it's time (wishful thinking) for him to resign the position he is too inexperienced and incapable of handling on an internal or global basis.

His being shown to be ineligible to be in the White House would be a good step in the right direction of survival of America and the world.

Again, wishfull thinking, but are some Democrats being slapped by reality to reaching the same conclusion?

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