Monday, January 31, 2011


With the outcry at cutting off the Internet in Egypt I wanted to see how OUR freedoms are. Only to realize that you don't have to shut down the whole network, just SELECTIVELY bury what you don't want people to see!

Allow it to  be posted to give the impression of freedom of speech BUT THEN ENSURE IT CANNOT BE FOUND.

Not just not easily found but not found at all in search engines. Including Google search itself which hosts Blogger.

Is this any better than Egypt? Only in size/extent.

Google's suppression of free speech and information is EXACTLY the same - for the SAME REASONS.

 Done to protect vested special interests or political mindsets, whether it is Jihadi Islamist policies or brutal Islam like in Iran (and now probably coming to Egypt), Communist, Marxist or other philosophies that are  examined and their faults expressed on this site.

Some time ago, a Google techie employee, clearly on the side of the Mullahs created obstacle after obstacle for us on weekends when it appears he was on duty without adequate management supervision and his making it very hard to post an article without jumping through all sorts of hoops - then was regularly overturned come Monday.

The new embedded "ghost blog follower" or some kind of hacked software placed there by or with Google assistance needs to be reviewed by Google and examined as potential malware. The entity shows as an added person in the total of followers overview but does not increase the tally of these in the relevant section.

AntiMullah is a  site which has explicit aims to share it's opinions in these fields to help educate the many who do not have experience with these behaviors.

And they can then decide for themselves rather than go forward based on insufficient or false information provided by proponents of those ideologies who are not friends of America.

OUT OF CURIOSITY I RAN A GOOGLE SEARCH FOR THE TWO MAIN LINKS TO THIS SITE (AS SHOWN BELOW) to illustrate this censorship and very focused impediment to free speech. To protect whose interests or whom from TRUTH - perceived or actual? The Iranian Mullahs? The unconstitutional, unpopular or ineffective actions by the Administration?

Under the first search what was shown prominently was ONLY for 2009 as if the hundreds  (611 of them) of articles posted in 2010 are not even there - and when you click on "more resultsl" you get ONE result with a lame excuse:

Then as you examine the dates and posts they take you to some irrelevent 2006, 2007 information but NOTHING FOR THE LAST 12-MONTHS. THUS INFERRING THAT NOT MUCH HAS BEEN POSTED ON THE SITE RECENTLY AND THUS NOT WORTH VISITING.

Or if it has been posted Google is NOT going to show it to you.

SEE FOR YOURSELVES! VISIT THE LINKS shown above and the two below.

Here, too, at the direct GOOGLE Blog link, there is a SINGLE token recent 2011 post SHOWING and then it goes out of date as above. There are 65 articles posted so far in 2011! But not according to Google "filterbots" which show only ONE, removing the rest from sight in any search.

 So far, in my own innocence or naivete I was praising Google in my mind for not only allowing the very left wing blogs but also our opposing ideas at AntiMullah, to speak our minds. I should have known something was up when all of a sudden I have a "ghost" person added to my "blog follower" group without any indication who it is. The others have an icon to show they are there, this one has nothing. It's an invisible "marker" for something - not positive for the site.

GOOGLE please check to see what the embedded "ghost" is and what software has been hacked into the site?  You owe us that!

In closing I don't mind being monitored by any authority who wants to be in the loop of the information provided on the site - just in case - as I have nothing to hide about my opinions and neither suggest nor incite violence - so stay within Constitutional rights.

Very much IN FAVOR of our Constitutional FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS, which Google has now trampled and should reset their "bots" and filters to correct this censorship (by any name or form)  and allow AntiMullah to show on search engines.

Stealthly suppressing me does not suppress the truths/opinions brought up on AntiMullah, which we have a right to have and express!

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