Tuesday, January 04, 2011


This is a Day of Great Tragedy.

44-year old Prince Ali Reza Pahlavi, the second son of the Late Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and Empress Farah took his life in his Boston Apartment.

May the Prince of Persia Rest in Peace along with his sister Leila, who also took her own life a few years ago in London.

Crown Prince Reza issued a Statement as follows:

It is with immense grief that we would like to inform our compatriots of the passing away of Prince Alireza Pahlavi. Like millions of young Iranians, he too, was deeply disturbed by all the ills fallen upon his beloved homeland, as well as carrying the burden of losing a father and a sister in his young life.

Although he struggled for years to overcome his sorrow, he finally succumbed, and during the night of the 4th of January 2011, in his Boston residence, took his own life, plunging his family and friends into great sorrow.

Once again, we are joined with mothers, fathers and relatives of so many victims of these dark times for our country.

Reza Pahlavi, Farah Pahlavi, Farahnaz Pahlavi, Yasmine Pahlavi, Noor Pahlavi, Iman Pahlavi and Farah Pahlavi

(Alan note: (named above) H.I.H Reza Pahavi, Crown Prince, - H.I.M. Farah Pahlavi, Empress, - Farahnaz Pahlavi, younger sister, - H.I.H. Yasmine Pahlavi, Prince Reza's wife and their children)

Family gathering around the ailing late Shah in his waning days

Alireza (top left) and Leila (bottom left) - both departed
Empress Farah and daughter Farahnaz to the Shah's right
Crown Prince Pahlavi (top right)

Rumors are flying around the Persian Diaspora and the jury is still out on whether he was helped over the edge or was killed by pro-Mullah agents.

After a checkered life in discos and some heavy drugs this young man turned his life around and began to gather a following (as a possible potential leader) of some of those who feel that the Crown Prince is not getting enough done nor putting in enough effort into overthrowing the Mullahs. So a Mullah clerical hit is not that far fetched.

Monday morning quarter backing or as the Persians say: it's easy to sit at the side of a wrestling match and say “lengesh koon” (roughly meaning “grab his leg”).

Since Obama came to power, the Crown Prince has the chance of a snowflake in hell of getting any support from the Administration and any support that had been there previously was lost as the State Department shut down all support checks for the opposition and all other funding. Even moving to acclaim pro-Mullah “exiles” and calling on them to free Iran!! (From themselves??).

Having a fairly close window into the efforts by RP and what obstacles he faces, the lack of results is notable but impossible for him to achieve without large financing from outside.

He does not have personal funds with which to accomplish/encourage even fairly simple tactics let alone implement strategy and his mother, quite wisely,  is holding tight onto the comparatively little she has left.

A guy called Ansari drained the last $22 million from the family promising to return them multiple times more as revenue and then “lost” it. Or claimed to have lost it.

Some of that money was Alireza’s contribution to the “investment”.

In fact, his financial problems and his mother refusing to “waste” her funds is being discussed as the reason for his demise.

The question of whether he was placed into financial difficulties by pro-Mullah people who are stealthily around him (and sadly around RP himself) or got him back onto drugs, is still open.

Notice in the photo that the two siblings who resemble the mother more than the father are the two who have said goodbye.


However here is a comment from the Internet that paints Alireza as a clear potential target:

I heard about the character difference between RP and Alireza for the first time in early 1990’s when visiting the U.S. - Also heard that compared to RP, Alireza’s character was more similar to his paternal grandfather Reza Shah. I was told that, at the time, he decided not to actively pursue politics because of protocol and out of respect for his older Crown Prince brother (RP), so as to avoid any potential leadership conflict within the family.

Personally, I neither know the Pahlavis nor am I familiar with the circumstances surrounding Alireza’s life in recent years. But, it would take a huge jolt for someone of his mentioned character to shoot himself. The reasons given for his “suicide” appear tenuous, but understandable. (Though, I could accept the same reasons for his sister’s [Leila’s] suicide)

Anyhow, very sad news.

In any event the family has had a huge share of disasters that were not deserved and our hearts go out to them.

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Ensan said...

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