Thursday, February 03, 2011


IGNORANCE IS BLISS - and our American populace is VERY ignorant on international affairs to where even a favorite of ours, Shep Smith of Fox News, blissfully slides over his own remark that protesters were told to go to their local mosques to get instructions on where and how to  assemble and protest.

He treated this as if they were told to go down to their local YMCA rather than to centers of virulent Islamic Community Organizers/Activists and his rabble rousing diatribes in the name of freedom are disingenuous. Or blissfully ignorant!

I know he is upset at some of his colleagues being assaulted in Egypt but this shold not cause him to set aside his brains, though strong emotions tend to override rational thought.

Does he not know or blissfully overlooks that this was EXACLTY how the KHOMEINI Iranian revolution took over the country from seemingly proponents of "democracy" - in reality Soviet driven Marxist-Islamists whose only aim was to seize power by paralyzing/overthrowing the legitimate government of the Shah  and allow a Soviet - not a religious - replacment.

He bases his mindsets on American cultural parameters and constitutional laws with again totally ignoring reality in MIddle Eastern and Asian countries, specially when "going to mosques he treated so lightly in reality means: TAKE OVER BY ISLAMIC FORCE AND VIOLENT FRENZY.

Grow up good Shep, we do not live in a perfect world where your worthy but high falluting concepts belong. The point here is NOT to defend Mubarak or his government OTHER THAN as a way to avoid the global catastrophy of accepting the Moslem Brotherhood as a replacement - as Obama has already done - in a moronic replay of Carter and Khomeini.

NO LONGER "at home "EVEN IN THE "hope and change" USA being imposed on us by Obama, which has turned into a still half-concealed but increasingly apparent Dictatorship under Obama! The residual "halo effect" of our Constitution still protects us in many ways but take a look at the thuggery of the FCC in the Comcast purchase of MSNBC where they have to partner with Obama's "main man" or boss, billionaire GEORGE SOROS' entities to get the approval - so before casting aspersions about freedoms spend time on removing the mote in our own eyes.

We are still less physically violent here BUT increasingly being bullied by thuggish laws being passed without approval of "we the people" through a luckily diminished tyrannical alliance of Obama, Pelosi and Reid with Progressive (Socialist) Democrats majorities in both houses.

The difference between the Egyptian situation and ours here is only a matter of degree and form but very similar in the nefarioius intent of the current White House, its lackeys and thugs. Street violence is a heartbeat away if a few realignments take place. Even the Egyptians comment that Obama does not have the best interests of the USA embedded in his actions.

“Screw you all and your now inoperative, cracker (whitey) Constitution"

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