Tuesday, February 15, 2011


WHILE OBA-HUSSEIN-ABDULLAH stays almost silent (comparatively) about his Islamic buddies in Iran suppressing their populace as recently as YESTERDAY - compared to his urging the departure of Mubarak in Egypt, the Mullah "parliament" - the poster child of Iran's so-called democratic freedom claims, erupts in a call for the death of the two main Green Movement leaders, Moussavi and Karrubi.

Remember that the this (p)resident in the White House, Oba-Hussein is a Sunni Moslem by background from both fathers (Kenyan and Indonesian) and like his mentor King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia considers the Iranian Shia sect not as Moslems but as unbelievers and Islam demands killing infidels. Thus the jabs at Islamic Iran suit his personal Moslem preferences and also make him appear to be even handed.

BTW in Indonesia, followers of the Ahmadi Moslem sect are being slaughtered as we speak by the Sunnis. A bit like Catholics slaughtering not just Protestants but those following a specific denomination of Christianity.

The frenzied parliamentarian shouts in Persian are "death to Moussavi" and "death to Karrubi". What about all this does Oba-Hussein support beyond some mealy mouthed utterings by him and Hilary Clinton - and a couple of million dollars to fund a double edged sword of Twitter and Facebook in Persian and Arabic.

Note: the Arabic social networks leading to more of our Arab allies being thrown under the Oba-Hussein bus without doing much to the Persian populist movement, since Iran has contracts with German Siemens (control and censoring), plus Chinese and Russian and other high tech software and harware providers to virtually block anything the State Department can throw at them. Except some proxies that can circumvent some of the obstacles the Mullahs put in place.

Including obstacles like the many hundreds of new Mullah government employees - all techies - whose only job is to monitor, trace, censor and block communications.

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