Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Google has buried deeply but cannot eliminate the widespread articles of AntiMullah which have been reposted by various sites around the world, not all of which Google can control.

Since on Google search they try to proffer (at best) only AntiMullah articles for 2009 - as if over 600 in 2010 and over 60 so far in 2011 do not exist, I tried to see if the missing 2010 could be found.

Try it for yourself and see how widespread they are by Googling "antimullah.com 2010" and get an idea of the supppression being practised by Google.

There have been umpteen reports of the very close ties of Google with and WITHIN the White House (using White House office space for their work) and that Google is building or has already built a KILL switch to stop the Internet in its tracks as in Egypt - for Obama to use if he feels like it.

In the meantime, the selective SUPPRESSION (by concealment) of AntiMullah articles on the Internet because of the interests of the White House or the Obama Administration, Islamists infiltrating the West, or the brutal Iranian Mullahs is just as DICTATORIAL and wrong as any other dictator doing this.

From our eyes (and I would submit from a huge section of our "we the people" populace) makes Obama just another dictator whose actions have not yet risen in oppression to the harsh levels of some other countries. Such as his buddies the Islamic regime in Iran or the one he is helping take shape in Egypt with the Moslem Brotherhood and Iran's shill El Baradei.

The Healthcare, which has just been found by a Fedreal Judge to be UNconstitutional law was oppressive and shoved down our throats with total disregard to our wishes.

His Department of INjustice has shoved Islam down our throats  with weird and biased rulings, dropping slam-dunk prosecutions of violent groups like the Black Panthers, trying to bring Gitmo Terrorist ones to New York to give them US civil rights INSTEAD OF MILITARY JUSTICE (weakening our ability to prosecute them) and multiple racist actions against non-Blacks.

And is helping the 9/11 ground zero mosque obtain a loan from taxpayer funds!! Christians are not given this help but MOSLEMS are Obama's buddies.

And he takes care of his buddies like the Unions and gives them waivers and special dispensations like a Dictator, not according to the Constitution and just , equal law for everyone.

We have to deal with this in the next elections BUT Google's censorship activities on behalf of special interests have to be fixed by unelected GOOGLE itself in the name of FREE SPEECH and Constitutional freedoms they are currently trampling!

They are becoming part of the dictatorship whose head is rising in America under Obama and his Chicago gangster style, thuggish, political manipulations.

Even OPPRESSIVELY insisting on imposing civil discourse without giving us a choice as to how we express ourselves about our politicians or elected officials. Short of using bad expletives or urging or promoting violence, we have the right to be impolite in expressing our opinions.

The Progressives and Leftists do it all the time and are given a free pass. We at AntiMullah have had our right to protest and show what we see to be the truth, removed by being buried from the public view by Google.

Yes, they are big boys and can retaliate (so can bad  karma) but are they big enough to take this valid criticism and correct the wrong actions they have taken and restore our freedom to speak openly and freely? Let's see if they are part of a Dictatorship or part of our Constitution.

P.S. - Does Google REALLY believe that the negative powers they are shielding, promoting and supporting - the upcoming Caliphate through a Marxist-Islamist coalition as was the case in the 1979 Iranian revolution - is going to allow GOOGLE the freedom to exist and operate freely the way they are today? They will be among the first to be incarcerated and even executed by the new Caliphate for disobedience to Allah!

Like in Ethopia, Google, along with all of us - will be told to convert to Islam and Sharia law or DIE!  Maybe not in America to start with as USA resistance will delay their imposition of Islam. And will this resistance remember Google fondly?

Glenn Beck's Fox show today expertly detailed much of this. Check the new world order map he offers.

MUST WATCH and learn what we at AntiMullah have also been trying to let people know.

We went through it in 1978/79 Iran and speak from knowledge and experience.

This time it is a THOUSAND TIMES WORSE with horrific consequences on a global basis. Even for "so-called moderate" Moslems.

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