Wednesday, February 23, 2011


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BTW, did you all notice that in his brief speech today "criticizing" Libya (after 10-days of "scheduling conflict" blocking his opinion), Oba-Hussein - our terrorist enabler in chief - never mentioned well known enemy of America, Moslem Mo'ammar Ghaddafi by name, as he did countless of times when he was insisting long time American ally Egypt's Mubarak should allow his SECULAR regime to fall to the Moslem Brotherhood, with which Oba-Hussein is buddy-buddy?

And despite warnings of the consequences, has opened the floodgates of Islamic take-over of the Middle East and the forming a global Islamic Caliphate, ruled by Mullahs and Sharia law.

While he mentioned Tunisian  and Egyptian protesters as people to be supported by the USA, he completely ignored the millions of Iranians, who flooded the streets of Iranian cities IN 2009 and were brutally murdered, with thousands killed in the streets. We listed the names of over 1,000 of the DEAD  in the Multilingual section.Tens of thousand more were arrested and several thousand "died" in the prisons under torture and gang rapes.

Yet, careful not to offend his Iranian Mullah money sources, Oba-Hussein did not even mention the Iranian populace's  struggles nor even criticize the bloodthirsty Iranian regime. Students and demonstrators are IN THE STREETS of Tehran TODAY. But not worth a mention. (scroll down to video a couple of articles below)

Their dying for trying to obtain their freedom from the brutal Islamic regime of Iran DOES NOT COUNT IN Obama's eyes!!! Not even worth a mention by him on the record.

Instead, he changes dire ctions and focuses his Department of INjustice instead on ignoring law banning Gay marriage - IGNORING THAT IN IRAN YOU GET HANGED FOR BEING GAY! Strange priorities in the brain (?) of the (p) resident of the White House.

Has Obama, on purpose or moronically,  crossed the line of TREASON to the USA?

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