Sunday, February 06, 2011


Having banned or blocked our access to our own VAST resources, onshore or off-shore, Obama has increased the impact of the Suez Canal falling into the  control of the Moslem Brotherhood or other radical Islamic groups on our already battered economy he has plunged into bankruptcy.

Is he that stupid or that much of our enemy within? Or both?

If you believe in Dharma or Karma, paying for your actions in this life or atoning for actions in a previous life, you would be fearful of the calamity he is bringing down on his own and his family's well being by what he is doing to all of us.

Not even the New Orleans "Voodoon", allegedly practised in the White House residential quarters can protect or absolve him from spiritual retribution he is inexorably calling down on himself and those around him. (Note the video below)

Video: Has Revelation's 'pale rider' shown up in Egypt?

A mysterious, pale green figure seen in televised news coverage of the Egyptian riots has prompted some viewers to ask, "Could this be the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse?"

The footage, provided by Euronews and subsequently seen on MSNBC, CNN and uploaded over a dozen times to the popular video sharing site YouTube, captures the fiery, violent protests in Cairo this past week ... and something else.

Seen at the end of the video and repeated two or three times


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