Friday, February 04, 2011


The clear breach of security, or inside information, in the "organized" assassination attempt on the recently appointed vice-president of Egypt, Security Chief Suleyman seems to show an inside leak of his route in a motorcade.

Some in the Arab world think that Obama's White House, which refused to even address the matter when questioned by the Press Corps, has such a strong tie to the Moslem Brotherhood - openly stating NON-Secular (Islamist) groups had to be given a strong voice in the future of Egypt AND as a political bedmate of Palestinians, may have had a hand in the attempt to remove a person, who could block the rise or take-over of Jihadist Islam in Egypt.

Most probably using Palestinian terrorists who flow back and forth across uncontrolled borders from Gaza, as a hit squad. Time will tell who killed two of Suleyman's bodyguards but failed to end his life.

Already spooked by reports of Obama being behind the Egyptian crisis and organizing against the Mubarak presidency for the last two years, even countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are sending messages of support to Mubarak - and "dissing" Obama.

We need a change from the Obama dictatorship, which as much as Egypt does. Add another reason: Obama handed Russia British missile secrets as an incentive for them to sign the Salt Treaty - another ally stabbed in the back.

We need a new leader like Reagan!

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yitz said...

What goes around comes around, Obama was involved in the overthrow of the Egyptian Government, May God bless us with the overthrow of the Obama Gvt. Obama was involved in the assassination attempt on Omar Suleiman, may God pay him back in kind