Tuesday, February 22, 2011


When resistance to Union thuggery spreads among more and more States (29) with Republican Governors, which have to balance their budgets by law and can no longer afford the cushy deals, the Unions bludgeoned out for themselves, in the past, then Oba-Hussein actions will quickly start to cross the line of treachery into treason. When?

Some comments from Glen Beck's www.TheBlaze.com 

Soon people, soon. The lines are becoming more clear every day. The violent revolution Oba-Hussein is planning against America will start with the unions, then the muzies will join in and when the Mexicans see they can ride the tide with the rest of the traitors, there will be a blood bath. Put all that crap together and add in hunger from food prices and no one being able to afford fuel.

This is long past treason, we have the president working with those who wish to destroy and overthrow the nations free will; while off of Somalia the pirates have executed the four captives and the president will do nothing – they were christian missionaries on a round the world trip.

President Obama is sticking to his script, and there’s no room in it for Libya or the killings of four hostages by Somali pirates.

Instead, Obama is spending his Tuesday in Cleveland spreading his message about jobs and innovation, and sitting in on some “breakout sessions” at a forum modeled after his “winning the future” rallying cry.

Obama spoke for eight minutes in the morning as he started the conference, but made no mention of the violence in Libya or of the deaths of the hostages held by Somali pirates. His press secretary, Jay Carney, told reporters on Air Force One that he was informed of the hostage deaths early Tuesday morning.

The White House has yet to release any statement – written or spoken – specifically about the violence in Libya or the comments of Muammar Qadhafi. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cited “bloodshed” in a written statement on Monday, and Obama said in a statement on Friday that he was “deeply concerned” about violence in three restive countries: Bahrain, Libya and Yemen.

Obama often uses public appearances as a chance to speak about current events, especially tragic ones. But he began his remarks on Tuesday by going right into acknowledging the members of his administration joining him at the jobs pow-wow. Carney told reporters that he didn’t “anticipate” Obama speaking about Libya.

Senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, who is in Cleveland, said in an MSNBC interview shortly after Obama’s remarks that Obama “condemns violence in Libya,” and that “it needs to stop.”

She added, “But further than that, I really couldn’t comment.”

Walpole said of the Duke of Newcastle during the French and Indian Wars, (fits Obummer to a tee) “He had a feverish craving for place and power, joined to a total unfitness for both.

He was an adept in personal politics, and was so busied with the arts of winning and keeping office that he had no leisure, even if he had the ability, for the higher work of government.

He was restless, quick in movement, rapid and confused in speech, lavish of worthless promises, always in a hurry and at once headlong, timid and rash.

A borrowed importance and real insignificance.

The perpetual air of a solicitor(lawyer, for those in Rio Linda) He had no pride but infinite self love.

He loved business immoderately, yet was only always doing it, never did it.

When left to himself, he always plunged into difficulties , and then shuddered for it’s consequences.

(Taken from “Montcalm and Wolf, The French and Indian Wars” by Frances Parkman)

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