Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Union Leader  Trumka who visits White House several times a week and talks
to senior people there almost every day

In order to help the Unions in Wisconsin, Obama's Chicago teams are activating recall of Wisconsin Republican Senators to overcome the majority they hold and thus quash any efforts Governor makes, which the power greedy Unions feel would weaken them - thus weaken Obama's re-election hopes.

Unions dues, currently forcibly taken out of paychecks have traditionally been spent to elect Democrats, ignoring the wishes of the employees, from whom the funds emanate. And to pay thugs to intimidate anyone who dares oppose them.

The 14 missing Democrat Senators, hiding in Illinois, are delaying their return to an inevitable quorom until they can carry out their recall efforts and regain.

As Congresswoman Bachmann has brought into the daylight, how Pelosi, Reid and Obama collluded to build in pre-funding for the implementation of ObamaCare bill NOBODY had time to read before Democrat majorities in both Houses rammed it down our throats  and was signed by co-conspirator Obama - without any further need to pass appropriation through Congress.

This UNCONSTITUTIONAL criminal conspiracy would probably fall under and be pursued under "organized crime" RICOH laws were it anyone other than the current  Administration and its cohorts in the Legislature or Senate and illegal structure of  unconfirmed czars running every aspect of our lives. Without reporting responsibility to anyone but the President.

Compared to this corrupt gang, which openly announces it will not enforce laws of the land and sues States that try to do so, President Nixon was an angel from heaven.

They have and are sliming America like nobody ever has before and side with our worst enemies who, by their own declarations, are dedicated to our destruction.

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