Saturday, March 12, 2011


Heading for the U.S.S.S.A - United Socialist States of Sharia America
Dismantling America is such hard work that ObaZero is out playing golf today at Joint Base Andrews to take a rest.

After all not much happening in the world that needs his attention! Right?

Everything seems to be trying to tell him how inadequate he is. So he keeps a low profile and plays golf to avoid having to deal with them.

While he and his criminal enterprise Administration and corrupt Senate and Congress  (before the latest election, which removed so many Democrats but not enough Senators)  used EVERY dirty trick to prefund ObamaCare, to by-pass any future Congress, and "deem" non-existent Federal budgets to exist, he now states that the Wisconsin process is "contrary to his principles" because it weakened his Union buddies!

It was fine for his principles for Pelosi to pass countless bills by voice vote where a tiny Democrat squeek was deemed to be more than a roar of opposing Republicans and thus was passed into law.

Obazero feels "we the people" are patient, honorable fools and so far he has been right. Time to disillusion him .

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