Thursday, April 21, 2011


Watch for organized violence in Bahrain any time now (our Thursday night/their Friday morning). Nine people killed in Ahwaz, Khuzestan, South Iran Thursday by Islamic regime but Saudi instigation involved in clash.

Shia Iran retaliating with major oganized unrest against Sunni ruler of Bahrain that Sunni Saudi Arabia is protecting.

Irony is that the Bahrain monarch has his family roots in the Persian city of Isfahan and is ethnically a Persian!!!

Until early last century , Bahrain used to be a province of Iran so having a man of Persian origin turned Sunni ruler is not that strange. Iran gave up claims to the province to save about $6,000,000 annually in costs of governing it. A relatively huge sum in those days.

About 70% of Bahrainis are Shia so is about 30% of the Saudi population - mostly found in the North East and Eastern areas of Saudi Arabia. It's the Saudi Achilles heel for which Iran is aiming its spear.

Shias refer to Sunnis as the Barbarian period of Islam and consider themselves as more refined. True enough of the pre-Khomeini Persians, where during the Pahlavi monarchy Iran had a form of "Islam Light", referred to as the Shahanshahi Islam.

None of the Jihadi violence was tolerated by the Shah, though he gave Moslems and any other religion including Jews, complete freedom of worship without persecution or hinderance. But without allowing them to impose any religious fanaticism on the rest of the population.

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