Tuesday, April 19, 2011


From the Internet:

"Kapiolani is a not for profit hospital, send a small donation check with an attachment that the check is be donated in the name of doctor that birthed Obama in 1961 as indicated on hospital records. Tell them to notate the name of the birth doctor in the memo section of the check before accpting the donation.

I got my check back with a short note that the hospital did not have any records that would prove Obama was born there."

Maybe a multi-millionaire with a very large check or a group of people that put forth a huge donation with the same stipulations will garner enough press interest to at least ask the idiot in the White House why he would withold such a minute detail of his life when the poor sick children at Kapiolani Hospital need the upgrades that these donations could buy. Most politicians would not be able to overcome such a charge by the media but who knows....

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