Friday, April 08, 2011


Screaming holy murder, Iranian regime Mullahs accuse a German firm for stealing their idea and threatening a financial jihad against the West, specially Germany!

They claim to have already packaged farts from the Supreme Leader for the faithful and were distributing his phlegm (spit) as a cure from Allah for all known ills along with sugar cubes he touches in passing each time he drinks tea. They say that cow gas is of lesser importance than the smell of the representative of Allah on earth and impinges on his supremacy.

In retaliation they threaten to kill all cows worldwide to prevent this insult to their supreme leader being spread any further. Cows are unbellievers and since they cannot pay their "jaziyah" tax to be allowed to live, and the Koran says "untaxed" unbelievers should be slain, so by Sharia law the slaughter of all cows is ordained by Allah.

They admit this would be a bit more difficult in cow worshipping India but note they are already in conflict over Kashmir so a bit more bloodshed loses significance in the face of this monstrous bovine insult.

Tins filled with the air sucked out of an ageing wooden stable, straw lined and filled with gas producing cattle has become an instant hit after it went on sale in Germany.

Managers of the 'Countryside air to go' project say their clients are mainly country people who have moved to the city and want to be reminded of home.

The cans cost £5 a pop and can be ordered from the web site

One advert boasts: 'Simply put your nose to the tin and peel back the lid for the authentic smell of the country'.

Designer Daniela Dorrer from the village of Adlkofen in Bavaria in Germany said: 'We hope to make people who miss the countryside happy and remind them of home.

'We are planning other smells such as horse, straw, pigs and manure. But most people miss the smell of the cows in the country, not really surprising as much of the smell is from cows.'

Cows' farting and burping have even been accused of causing global warming problems.

Just one cow gives off enough harmful methane gas in a single day to fill around 400 litre bottles, which is really bad for the environment, say experts.

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Meanwhile there is an Arab claim by a caller to a TV show that Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II is in fact descended from Prophet Mohammad and is an "ahl-ul-beyt"  Hashemite.

Yes, they walk among us! You can see the reactions of the show hosts. (Sorry, no translation from Arabic on hand).


Just as looney is the Democrat claim that when they failed last year - despite having a controlling majority in the House, the Senate and holding the White House - to pass ANY budget for 2011 that it's all the Republican's fault.

With TOTAL control of the government being insufficient for Democrats to forge and pass a budget under their watch, why would anyone expect the cost cutting Congress majority voted into office last November to compromise with them?

Specially as a growing opinion accuses the White House and their Democrat slaveys of actually PLANNING this shutdown in advance and passing no 2011 budget being part of the strategy to slam Republicans should (as they did) win a majority last November.

Hard to think Obama is smart enough (though his puppet masters are) to plan this strategy and tactically implement it - or that he and his radical buddies - some Socialist, some Marxist, some Islamist, some Anarchist  - would be so evil.

BUT, YES, they too walk among us. Look at the "budget pie" below.

And any wonder these Obama lunatics did not want the responsibility of formally passing a budget with these figures instead of having an "indeterminate slush fund" the Democrats controlled at the time and are now trying to keep in place?


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