Saturday, April 23, 2011


Just show the original long form!

Snopes' Certification of Live Birth was supposedly issued in August, 1961 but the Revision date is 11/01.

What is REALLY interesting is the light blue time stamp that reveals the actual date of issuance as Jun 6 2007. See the picture for the highlighted area showing the time stamp from the back side where it bleeds through. Hold it up to a mirror and you can see the date!

Regardless of all this - possibly controversial detail - the ONE major factor that is being avoided is the "African" mention under father's race. In those days it would have been Negro - however politically incorrect this may be today. At the same time the Kenyan ARAB father may have had a hand in having it noted as African rather than Negro.

Seen from the back

This fits reports that Obama revised his Hawai document - whatever it was - around the time he decided to run for the White House AND THIS IS NOT THE TRUE COPY OF ANYTHING PREVIOUSLY VALID.

And finally here is a comparison of a real and false document:

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