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Bombshell: Second CRS Memo Covering for Obama’s Ineligibility Not Released to the Public…Until Now

Alan Note: this "hidden" memo was released on the Memorial Holiday weekend where it would get the least attention from a distracted populace.

It is thus clear that the proper analysis in the determination as to whether one is (or even can be) a “natural born citizen” – at least under de Vattel’s articulation of the principles of law distinguishing “natural born citizens” from “native born citizens” – is immutably fixed in time as of the moment of birth, and not at some subsequent time.

Early on, Obama himself verbally claimed to be a native born citizen (as opposed to natural born) on the basis of his claim of Hawaii as his birthplace. He admits, in writing, to his father being a British Citizen thus making it impossible for Obama to be a natural born one.


by Joseph DeMaio

(May 30, 2011) — Sherlock Holmes once noted that the perfect crime is the one that is never detected. Those who are now finally discovering the unsolved mystery of Barack Obama’s eligibility under the Constitution as a “natural born Citizen” should read more Sherlock Holmes.

In reality, there is no mystery. Day-by-day, week-by-week and revelation by revelation, the empirical evidence accumulates that the man now occupying the White House may very well be plainly ineligible to do so. It only remains for the truth to finally catch up to him, as the truth always does. And yet legions of his supporters and sycophants are doing all they can to delay and postpone that day of reckoning.


1. In order for a person to be born a “natural born Citizen” under Art. 2, Sec. 1, Cl. 5 – the “eligibility clause” of the Constitution as it was understood by the Founders under The Law of Nations by E. de Vattel, a legal scholar during the years the Constitution was conceived, drafted and executed – both such person’s parents must be, at that time, United States citizens and no U.S. Supreme Court case has held otherwise;

2. An April 3, 2009 Congressional Research Service (“CRS”) Memorandum authored by one Jack Maskell, a Legislative Attorney in the CRS American Law Division and entitled “Qualifications for the Office of President of the United States and Legal Challenges to the Eligibility of a Candidate” and intended for distribution to members of Congress either

(a) innocently, but substantively, misreads, misconstrues and/or misapplies federal appellate and U.S. Supreme Court precedent, or

(b) intentionally, and thus improperly (and possibly illegally), alters the meaning of precedent through substantive editing by grammatical ellipsis omission of material words, and thus facts, in two federal documents, to arrive at its conclusion that Barack H. Obama is, purportedly, eligible to be president as a “natural born citizen;”

3. A June 5, 2009 Congressional Research Service “Transmittal” message to a member of Congress from one Jerry Mansfield, an “Information Research Specialist” in the CRS “Knowledge Services Group,” misinforms the congressman by stating that questions about Mr. Obama’s birth certificate have been “ultimately resolved” in favor of his eligibility based on a series of biased and badly-skewed Internet postings;

4. A second Congressional Research Service memorandum, dated March 10, 2010 and authored, again, by Mr. Jack Maskell, and entitled “Birth Certificates of Presidential Candidates and Standing to Challenge Eligibility,” but without mentioning or referencing the April 3, 2009 memo, commits the same conceptual errors of the prior April 3, 2009 memo and thus merely compounds and perpetuates the problem;

5. The issue of Barack H. Obama’s eligibility to serve as president under the “natural born citizen” clause of the Constitution thus far remains unaddressed on the merits by the U.S. Supreme Court and, accordingly, remains unresolved as well.


As frequently noted in postings at various Internet websites, including, notably, The Post & Email – most recently in the posts appearing here ( ), by one by one Tracey M. Grissom and which includes a link to an extensive work on presidential eligibility by one Stephen Tonchen first appearing in 2009 ( ), as well as in a post by one Antoine Francisque appearing here ( ) – the core issue regarding Mr. Obama’s eligibility is not properly confined to his actual birthplace, be it Honolulu, Mombasa or elsewhere, although that is a related issue. Rather, the central focus in addition must be on the citizenship status of his mother and, in particular, his father.

The Tonchen “Eligibility Primer” is particularly comprehensive and easy to read. While it does acknowledge the existence of the April 3, 2009 CRS Memo, it does not address the various unexplained anomalies examined in the following memorandum.

In addition, the recent publication by Dr. Jerome Corsi of a new book on these issues, “Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama is Not Eligible to be President,” touches upon, but does not directly address or analyze, the noted anomalies in the CRS Memo.

Thus, while the Corsi book reaches the correct conclusion – that Barack Obama is very likely ineligible to the presidency under the “natural born Citizen” clause of the Constitution – it does so without addressing the more serious problems with the CRS Memo. Accordingly, Dr. Corsi’s book, if anything, understates the severity of the problem. And, to be clear, Dr. Corsi and/or his researchers cannot be faulted for the oversight, because the anomaly in the CRS Memo is extremely difficult to discern, at best, unless one is specifically looking for it.


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