Thursday, May 12, 2011


According to the government controlled Asr-e Iran on May 2, the head of the clerical dictatorship’s prisons throughout Iran reported the construction and preparation of the “great prison” in Tehran.

According to Asr-e Iran, Esmaili, head of Iran’s prisons and torture chambers said: “In future, about 15,000 prisoners who are associated with Tehran’s judicial system will be transferred to Tehran’s great prison.

Esmaili added: “One of the concerns of the Prison System Organization is the increased population of prisoners in the Alborz Province. Therefore, one of the goals of building the new great prison in Tehran will be to transfer prisoners of that province to this center. This is a request by all greater Karaj city officials to, transfer about 15,000 prisoners associated with Tehran’s judicial system to Tehran’s great prison, in accordance to existing plans.

Karaj is about 35 miles from Tehran and the  location of the most brutal prisons of the regime.

What is not mentioned here is that Iran's OFFICIAL prisons hold nearly 250,000 prisoners with a huge percentage being political detainees, though many are held as drug runners or a string of other accusations used to hide the real reason for their arrests and torture.

HOWEVER, as Esmaili has admitted in the past, there are OVER 100 "private/unofficial" prisons, over which he has no control, operated by various factions of splinter security gangs, the IRGC and the Bassiji. Each reporting to influential Mullahs or para-military power-brokers in the regime.

Here no humanitarian considerations even exist and executions are not documented or identified. People are simply shot or strangled in teh basements of these locations or taken out into nearby fields and slowly shot to death.

Bullets are aimed, without any hurry, at non-lethal points, starting around their ankles then breaking bones up the legs, knees, thighs, arms until their bodies go into final pain shock or bleed to death. The agony is a reward for the sadistic torturers of the Islamic regime.

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Sledgehammer said...

Isn't it a trend for teetering regimes to increase the number of political prisoners just before their downfall?