Wednesday, May 04, 2011


OPINION from inside the USA and from around the world insists on their deep rooted opinion that the whole Osama kill was a ploy.

Either he died in 2007,  as so many think, and needed to be "officially" extracted from Afghanistan or the raid on him was perhaps real (though not as per the White House  details) and he needed to be "officially" extracted from Afghanistan!

WHY? So that OBAMA can withdraw troops from Afghanistan - now it can be claimed no longer needed there - as it saves money to pull them out and makes him look good at for once keeping his campaign promises.

NOTE: part of the Swiss Cheese holes in the new Obama Birth Certificate query from a visitor, the following Swiss Cheese holes comment was included as to the status of the Obama regime.

"Just as his provided version of the OBL death simply does not scan with available details from a bunch of official and unofficial sources - which even though recent - are way beyond me to try to remember. A photo of dead OBL would not even begin to cover the territory, though I do believe he is dead. When a firefight takes place , for 20 minutes, on the ground and second floors of the building in which OBL is on the third floor and he has not grabbed a weapon - is hard to believe. Though quite possible if one of the SEALs got there rapidly before everything erupted down below.

Why Obama, in his own announcement said "captured and killed" rather than "was killed" is potentially a big deal. Why kill an "unarmed" high intelligence potential man and take his body away instead of capture him alive and take him away onto the ship does NOT scan or pass any smell test.

What is far more likely is that they tried to take him alive and may even have taken him onto the ship and he died of a heart attack or because of his kidney illness - or perhaps shot himself in the head to avoid capture when one of the SEALs stormed into his room. The SEALs supposedly double-tapped him. In case you have not had miitary or law enforcement training means that if you are not using full automatic fire, you always fire shots at a human target in pairs. Bang! Bang! Not singles. Here one shot was reportedly in his eye and the other in his chest. At an unarmed man? High level intel source?

Such pairs of shots are usually aimed at the same point - two in the chest and/or two in the eye etc., not as described.

GREAT JOB SEALs! Terrible, NON-credible, purely political, self-aggrandizing follow up by OBAMA! No wonder President Bush wanted no part of the Thursday self praising Obama junket in New York.

If you count in the original announcement Obama pointed to himself 24 times for the event - to the SEALs only THREE (3)!

Look at him, the Commander in Chief almost cowering in a corner of the room (wearing golfing clothes from earlier in the day?) in the photo of the top level people watching "live".

Our Commander-in-Chief? Good Grief!
Looks like a frightened child-man, Golfer in Chief

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