Monday, May 02, 2011


PMA Kakul stands for Pakistan Military Academy - similar to Sandhurst in England, St. Cyr in France

In order to appreciate just how hard the US has been scammed by Pakistan, you have to look at this map of Osama´s luxury compound, located just next to the Pakistani version of West Point. It´s literally just down the block from Bin Laden. The city (Abbottabad) houses numerous Pakistani military installations. It´s now obvious that Pakistan was on the other side all along.

To top it off, the Blackhawk that crashed, reported crash landing in the drill square for the Pakistan Military Academy according to a local tweeter.

Jennifer Griffin of Fox reported some hours ago that this area is a retirement haven for Pakistani officials (I guess the Pakistan version of “The Villages”). Her sources tell her that everyone knows everyone here; it’s a tight community.

Every single piece of civilian owned land in the neighborhood of this compound was originally owned by the Pakistani military and sold off at well below market prices to retired connected and corrupt Pakistani military and intelligence officials.


The compound he was found in IS currently owned by someone directly connected to the senior retired military officer corps in the Abbottabad area.

The compound was known locally as the “Waziristan Mansion,” because the land had been bought and the huge, hidden house built by a mysterious somebody from Waziristan.

Well, I reckon the building of a new, secretive 18’ wall compound next to lots of military installations would have drawn a little bit of attention. If Osama was even slightly afraid of the Pakistani military, he would never have situated his hideout at this location.

On the contrary, he seems to have regarded the Pakistani military as a protective presence. That tells us pretty much everything we need to know.

Joking aside, given Osama´s health (kidney) problems, it is likely that the (very) close location of two major hospitals is a factor in the location of the hideout.

Of course, it´s not likely that he was undergoing treatment so close to major military installations without the knowledge of the Pakistani military and intelligence services.

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