Saturday, June 11, 2011


Not really "Alireza" but in fact Mohammad Reza Madhi!

His family name if spelled "Madhiy" with a "y" is the word for "seminal fluid" or "semen" and he has really  ejaculated / "effed" our naive, gullible intelligence agencies and the Obama administration.

This Farsi language video describing in great detail the penetration and infiltration by 12-year veteran director of the IRGC (Revolutionary Guard) Spy section of the Islamic regime of Iran, into the West

He first appeared  a couple of  years ago in Thailand (a major viper's nest of the Islamic Iran regime, a  spying center where paid off Thai authorities turn a blind eye and even protect the Islamic regime and a center for obtaining high level technology equipment - electronic or industrial, that is on the banned list). He claimed to now oppose the brutal regime and quickly fooled our currently lame-brained Panetta CIA into accepting him into our efforts to achieve regime change in Iran.

Though a VERY senior "former" member of the security force in Iran, now a diamond trader living in Thailand, he was approached in Bangkok to join various people in order to form a government in exile.

(Alan note: that's like taking a senior Taliban or even Osama bin Laden's son  and putting him in chaarge of anti-Taleban operations in Afghanistan! Good grief!!!) 

He initially met with low level American contacts and was asked to participate in a series of collective efforts to overthrow the Islamic regime in Iran. He was later flown by private jet to the USA.

Madhi eventually met with with Dennis Ross, Obama's National Security Advisor, an U. S. General and welcomed by Vice President Biden, who assured Madhi that the United States government is prepared to provide all the support necessary for Madhi to tap into his contacts of about 20,000 in the revolutionary guard force who would act to destabilize the Iranian government.

(Alan Note: Biden has been dubbed honorary ayatollah by the ex-patriot Iranian diaspora for his decades of support of the Mullah regime's activities in the USA and has prevented laws that would hobble them from being passed).

Mahdi says he was also in touch with the Saudis and Israelis and went to France and Austria to meet with self-appointed "opposition" leadership which included London based Mehrdad Khonsari  and Amir-Hossein Jahanshahi.

(Alan note: Jahanshahi received some funding from the late-Shah's twin sister Princess Ashraf to start his anti-regime activity).

Madhi told the Iranian authorities of the plot that he was to hatch with a group of influential and wealthy Iranians with connections to CIA, Israeli security MOSSAD and the British MI6. The plan that began 2 years ago, would exploit the people's disenchantment over the Iranian elections of 2009 in order to overthrow the government and install a provisional govenment in Iran.

(Alan note:The video also includes a glance at Michael Ledeen who has long been active in opposing Iranian Mullah activity. A mention that Madhi met with Hillary Clinton has been strongly denied by the State Department, though funding he claims being offered for this project must have come from there).

Madhi states that not only did the Western Intelligence agencies and Iranian participants in the overthrow plans accept him BUT PUT HIM IN CHARGE OF OPERATIONS!!! With a budget estimated at nearly SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS.

This included the assassination (bleeped) but reportedly of Supreme Ruler Ali Khamenei. 

Did the Obama administration, by allowingthis poisonous asp into  their sleeve, thus intentionally foil the regime change effort and help the Iranian regime survive???

Or are our counter-intelligence organizations truly such STUPID SIMPLETONS?!

With Panetta's and Obama's pull toward Communism and Socialism, Obama's unshakeable support of the Mullah regime in Iran and their unchallenged 20,000 strong man suppression activity in Syria for Bashaar Assad, many observers think that this penetration/coup was purposely facilitated by Obama with Panetta's full co-operation.

This 30-minute Farsi language video - covering some four or five shorter videos posted on the site's Multilingual Section includes several other names like Makhmalbaaf, Bor, Nourizadeh and others who are easily recognized in the diaspora. But not necessarily trusted or trustworthy.

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