Friday, July 01, 2011

فیلم محاکمه رحیمی فرمانده تهران VIDEO OF KANGAROO TRIAL

Iran’s hero, Late General Mehdi Rahimi‘s body mortuary after his execution. General’s hand at wrist  and arms were cut off before he was executed. Yazdi had the full support of President Jimmuh the Idiot Carter. Just as the brutal, bloodthirsty regime in Islamic Iran has the full support of Barack Hussein Obama, who now OPENLY  brings the Moslem Brotherhood, America's sworn enemy, (via Al Qaeda, HAMAS, Hezbollah - see article farther down the page) into an ever more prominent/influential role in his Administration.


Ebrahim Yazdi who ordered the torture and the execution of General Rahimi and many other of the late Shah’s officials after Khomeini was imposed on Iran.

Yazdi, a traitor, a known CIA agent who also had close links with the British intelligence. Yazdi is also known to have worked closely in the 60′s & 70′s with both Ramsey Clark the former US attorney General and George Ball the former Under-secretary of State masterminding the overthrew of the late Shah’s progressive regime.

Farsi video of General Mehdi Rahimi's trial  by ad hoc Islamic regime kangaroo court. May his soul rest in peace. While executing him they cut off his arms for slapping the self-styled "judge" (may a curse be upon him) Ebrahim Yazdi when he insulted the Constitution and the Monarchy to which the General had sworn an oath of loyalty!

We need honorable men like this in the USA to protect our Constitution against the attacks of MARXIST-ISLAMIST Oba-Khomeini is waging against it. He is just as bad for America as usurper Khomeini (with no Iranian blood in his veins) was for Iran.

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