Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Casey Anthony found NOT guilty on all murder or major charges on the death of her daughter Kayley and only GUILTY on four charges of providing "false information to authorities", each of which carries a one year penalty, so SHE SHOULD BE A FREE WOMAN as early as Thursday!

She has already served three years in prison awaiting trial, so with good behavior she has served more than enough time for the total four years maximum penalty. Which in fact would be one year as the sentencing would adjudicate the four penalties to run concurrently not consecutively.

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Beema said...

So pleased with the result. Felt she was innocent all along. I am utterly appalled at the news media who have, before trial and since the outcome, done more than ever to slander this young woman. Personally, I believe another member of her family is involved, possibly, and I hope the police will not close their investigations and find the perpetrator of this heinous crime.