Thursday, July 07, 2011


The scope of Eric Holder's disastrous 'Fast and Furious" ATF operation just keeps expanding.

Now a single traffic stop in Phoenix has revealed 43 weapons with serial numbers traceable to the the ATF scandal - taken from 4 illegal aliens arrested in the stop.

How many guns has this Administration put in the hands of gangs throughout the U.S. How many children will die in drive-bys using weapons Holder GAVE to criminals?

And with the ATF Director now saying the DoJ obstructing the investigation, the House GOP must not stop until all responsible are rotting in jail. And what did Obama know and when did he know it?

All with the intent of blaming this gun-running on American citizens, BANNING them having guns and only issuing weapons to Obama's One Million Person Civilian Security Forces, he has started setting up. With budgets to fund and pay for at least 250,000 of them already built into the HealthCare bill! Yes, arming Health Care Personnel!!!

Many people died because of the scheme, including a US border patrolman. Wonder how many innocent Mexican families were impacted by this. The callousness of this administration is chilling.

What’s a few dead people compared to THE GLORY OF OBAMA, and achieving the Socialist wet dream of banning guns in America, using United Nations legislation Obama plans to ratify as part of his Global government overriding our U.S.Constitution?

Operation Gunrunner (Fast & Furious) was funded by the 2009 Stimulus Package!


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