Sunday, July 10, 2011


If Obama can corruptly force his publicly rejected HealthCare down our throats, with waivers exempting his friends from the cost burden it causes, can aid/protect Islamic terrorists, consort with the enemy (Moslem Brottherhood) and run a clearly Illegal, criminal enterprise out of the White House, then it sets an example for this small town, corrupt police  chief and an equally corrupt town council suppressing free speech by force.

And in a preview of what Obama plans to do with the USA, the Council Declares STATE OF EMERGENCY!  About noon today, the town council, at the request of the police chief, declared an official state of emergency.  This suspends normal conduct procedures that protect the citizens of this town from the vicissitudes of thuggish police and councillors.

Jennifer "Jade" Jones -- had her elbow injured (hospitalized) during outrageous and mysterious arrest - disorderly conduct - during peaceful statements at a public podium during a town council meeting. She was attempting to disclose their fraud! Failing to shout her down they had her arrested.

Jones had the floor. Police chief Jeff Gilbert (positioned at wall) was directly involved. Many in Quartzsite do not understand why this police chief is not under suspension because Arizona State Dept of Public Safety is already investigating him for criminal accusations by officers in his department.

Presiding officer of the meeting (Mayor) could not dissuade police from their mission. Many suspect conspiracy between police chief and council members, other than the mayor.

With Obama planned and intended TOTAL CONTROL over the each of us "we the people" by controlling our access to medication of any kind, he has signed on to RESTRICTING our ability to stay healthy, outside ObamaCare, by BANNING availability and sales of VITAMINS or other herbal supplements so many of us use to stay healthier and deal with minor aches, pains, colds and similar matters, which long standing herbal remedies - certainly vitamin/mineral diet additions - can provide.

As if this were not enough control OVER our ability to live in reasonable health without King Obama's "consent" and survive, he has issued an Executive Order controlling our ability to grow our own FOOD! It's not just Susan Sommers being warned she does not have the necessary permits to grow her own produce on a ten acre garden plot, mostly used for her beauty and health products, now a simple citizen faces 93 days in jail for growing vegetables in her own front garden!

So far, among the  various items he is stripping off us - our Constitutional rights,  he has taken control of our health and food supply What's left?

Our money.

Apart from his rapidly driving almost everyone in the American nation into bankruptcy or financial slavery, (followed soon by Moslem Dhimmitude slavery) his recent Executive Order says that as of July 15th, 2011 it is illegal to privately sell or buy precious metals like silver or gold.

So when he dries up payments to us because of the debt ceiling not being raised, redesigns ALL our banknotes,  (billions of new dollars of multicolored $100 dollar bills have already been printed and stored reportedly because of some flaw) and then invalidates old ones, we cannot even fall back on these metals to survive. If we want money, we have to get it from him and he controls the printing presses.

Well how about the alleged announcement by the head of the Democrat National Committee THAT THERE IS NO LAW forcing Obama to OBEY the USA Constitution on anything including the Debt Ceiling!!!  Other than he should have sworn an oath too the Constitution when he took office and that is shrouded in secrecy as he messed up the public one and retook it in private the next day.


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