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White House operative heading 'birther' smear campaign? Former Fannie Mae chief allegedly manages 100-strong attack team from Pennsylvania Ave

NEW YORK – A top Democrat, apparently operating with the full approval and cooperation of the president, has been directing a team of up to 100 who are paid to publish disinformation on a wide variety of websites to discredit "birthers," according to anti-Obama researchers.

The radical supporters of the president, known as Obama robots, or "OBOTs" for short, have confirmed their White House-appointed ring leader is Democratic Party operative James A. Johnson, the former chairman of Fannie Mae.

Initially, the OBOTs attempted to mask their Internet identities by posting under usernames with avatars that suggest their personalities. But due largely to the efforts of anti-Obama researchers, including "birthers" vilified by the OBOTs, the true identities of key OBOT operatives have been revealed.

If "NeonZX" and "JimBot" are James A. Johnson, a link will have been established between the Obama White House at the topmost levels and a highly organized disinformation campaign, most likely financed by taxpayer funds.

This can result in a 90% drop in visitors to a site almost overnight as back door White House influence with major search engine sites like Google leads to their SearchBots selectively filtering out much of the links to the site's articles if they have "Obama" or "Certificate" or other "keywords" in the article and reduction of bandwidth with providers like AT&T that suddenly drop connection for sites being accessed through their broadband / wi-fi access channels. Even on purely AT&T networks.

James Johnson, who was a major player in the collapse of our economy while at FannyMae, reportedly has  the full power of the White House behind this misuses of tax dollars. 

Both at Fannie Mae and his role of White House "disinformation czar".

We. at this site,  have faced and and still encounter this kind of "discrimination/censorship" with Google and AT&T where with the latter, suddenly our Broadband ceases to exist! NOT for the whole Internet but for access our site! And on occasion to a major Conservative site we visit. We can continue to access other websites!

To be fair, Google management, to their credit , when made aware that the settings for their Searchbots result in unusual fluctuations in visitors or just access to our site (hosted by Google) eventually take steps to correct, resolve and repair this.

They need to revisit this as the techies also tamper with settings needed by external statistics software inserted to the site settings to keep track.

(And on one recent occasion, Techies totally deleted a whole week of our posts they apparently did not like, which TO BE FAIR, management restored within 24-hours)

There are some fervent activist supporters of the Islamic regime of Iran among Google Technical Staff, who have repeatedly abused their positions in arioius ways over the years and as the Islamic regime is also a hot and dedicated supporter of Obama, who protects the Iranian Islamic regime against the populace they rule with bloodthirsty suppression, it kills two birds with one stone to disable or reduce this site's effectiveness.



Note: We have NON-RACIST disagreement with Obama's policies and actions - as we would with anyone of any RACE OR COLOR who implemented the same moronic or intentional damage to America AND THE WORLD!


Also, any bone of contention with Islam is NOT with the religious, spiritual side of what is in reality an UNIQUE combination of "Church and State" with SOCIO-LEGAL powers to condemn and brutally punish people - through Sharia courts which are CIVIL actions of a State, not religious actions and invalidate the "protection" or other claims of Islam as PURELY a religion instead of a SOCIO-LEGAL SYSTEM. 

When an Islamic Sharia appeals COURT recently refused permission for a Moslem to change their religion and  threatened loss of life (execution) if this were pursued, then this exits "religion" and enters "temporal/State " law not "spiritual" activity.

Thus NOT religious/spiritual philosophy that applies to every other established religion.

Because of the chameleon nature of those who present or represent varying versions of Islam, where they want to exercise "legal" temporal power in this world, in the name of religion, not in an after-life of other religions, to enforce their decisions.

No EXISTING laws protecting religions and freedom of worship apply to this "church/state Islam" nor even conceived Oof it when they were passed by governments.

In fact Obama's heavily biased "promotion/protection/expansion" of Jihadi Islam in the USA (and worldwide to facilitate the establishment of a Moslem Caliphate) is contrary to the USA Constitution, which states:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; ...............or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Obama is doing this by decree (Executive Orders) and going around Congress using his Department of "Justice" to favor Islam against any other religion and not prosecute black-on-white crime or where Islam is involved. in a lawsuit

And  those laws which address the subject along the lines of all other established religions are openly abused by Jihadi Moslems.

The Jihadis are very different from the everyday Moslem and even bully them into submission to Socio-LEGAL, this world crime and punishment that a State imposes.

If Islam is PURELY a religion, then so is England!

As in Islam there is a long established "religious component" called the Church of England. And as in Islam there is a legal State component of law courts which judge and impose punishment on people in THIS world not in an after-life where they have to answer to God or to Allah - or their souls do.

Would Moslems in Britain (or anywhere) accept the "England" religion to put them to death or condemn them to being whipped for disobeying the "England" religion?

Or if the "England" religion followers came to live as a minority in Moslem countries and demanded  those countries permit the Canonic (religious) laws of Christianity be including in the laws of the land, would that seem reasonable to Moslems living there?

That's assuming that the "freedom of religion" of the West, even exists in those countries. (The closest we came to that kind of freedom in a Moslem country was in Iran before the  Pahlavi monarchy was overthrown by blooodthirsty Ayatollah Khomeini.

Under the Shah you were free to practise any religion you chose - or not! Nobody insisted you go to a mosque or a church or a Jewish Temple of worship - or criticize you for staying home instead).

Again, I have NO QUARREL with Islam the SPIRITUAL religion, nor with Moslems spiritually connecting to their deity, Allah. I would even fight to protect their right to do so but cannot accept the Jihadi demands of exceptional and special treatment for their Sharia law component.

Read this article:

After Obama took over! (Hillary also at fault)

State Department officials have fired contract specialist Kathleen McGrade in the wake of The Daily Caller’s exclusive investigation, which discovered that she funneled more than $52 million in taxpayer money to a company her husband and daughter own and operate.

State Department spokesman Andy Laine told The Daily Caller that McGrade’s employment has ended.

“Upon learning of the allegations, the Department immediately relieved Ms. McGrade of her responsibilities,” Laine said in an email. “Subsequently, the Department instructed her company that her employment at the Department is terminated.”

McGrade worked as a federal government contractor, handling the disbursement of taxpayer money for the State Department to other contractors. She worked on-site at the State Department in the office of Overseas Building Operations.

McGrade’s husband, Brian Collinsworth, and her daughter, Jennifer Herring, own and operate the Sterling Royale Group. McGrade helped Sterling Royale win 43 government contracts worth $52,095,333 between 2009 and June 15 of this year.

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