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Marxists-Islamist Obama's Moslem Brotherhood allies and buddies suppressing Egyptians worse than Mubarak! Without Jesus' plea for forgiveness for those harming him, unforgiveable, clueless Obama does not know what he is doing! To America and to the world!

Egypt update: Mubarak and the Sinai Islamic Emirate

Caged Mubarak: (photo omitted)

Many Egyptians do not want to see the mobs dictating this kind of humiliation. - One of the things that makes Egyptians who they are, the descendants of a great civilization, is precisely that, civilized people NOT nomads and goat herders.

No wonder, unlike the world’s popular misconception, educated Egyptians do not consider themselves Arabs.

The bloodthirsty Islamists are about to officially take over and the Army is doing nothing to prevent it, a very bad combination indeed.

As happened in ‘79 Iran, the Egyptian military high command WILL BE EXECUTED en masse if history repeats itself.

From Cairo by phone and from the Egyptian papers:

The latest that nobody writes about in the Western Media is that “black flags” are seen in the Sinai, the Shiites, Hamas and Hezboallah bastards are attacking Christians, natural gas pumping stations, police and army posts in Northern and Central Sinai. They are calling for secession of The Sinai as an Islamic Emirate and abrogating the peace treaty with Israel.

The military sent 50 APCs (armored personnel carriers)  with Special Forces to dislodge the bastards and defend Egypt’s sovereignty. There is talk about sending armored brigades and warplanes. This is being discussed with Israel because of the peace treaty.

In the URL below, a picture is worth a thousand words. It is the picture of a pick-up truck flying a black flag and a face-covered terrorist with the infamous Palestinian checkered Kaffeya! They claim they are “al Qaeda in Sinai” and Egyptians are wondering why the Salafist murderers, who are courting the Egyptian people before the election in the fall, are so quiet.

You don’t need to read Arabic to “understand” what the picture in Zwade, Sinai means to Egyptians, the Middle East and the world. Here is the link to the Egyptian paper:


I think I told you in one of my updates about the “plan” of giving land in Northern Sinai to the Gazans and get an equivalent piece in the Western Negev Desert as compensation.

Guess what? They now want ALL of the Sinai. You give an inch they take a peninsula.

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