Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Now we know a bit more about what Obama means when he says he plans to "fundamentally transform the United States of America" are you still deaf, people?

Are you one of his ignorant, naive masses, like those who followed other Marxist-Islamist dictators and lost their freedoms and financial well being. WAKE UP AMERICA!

Obama Caught Admitting His Health care Plan Designed to Eliminate Private Insurance

Of course, this video is just the tip of the iceberg. Rest assured, there will be many more to follow. But it underscores just what kind of people we are dealing with, and further underscores the need for us to elect a president who is their true opposite:

a person who is pure of heart, where they are cynical; whose stand for the truth is firmer than their commitment to lies; who wants to build this country up more than our enemies want to tear it down; someone who has demonstrated unshakable honor and courage and determination to do what's right in the face of extreme adversity; someone who rejects Obama's drive to fundamentally transform American into a socialist dictatorship, and instead wants to fundamentally restore America's greatness.

That person, is Sarah Palin. Don't let her slip through your fingers, America.

(Alan note: she is the "change/changer" needed to restore America from the hellhole into which Obama has plunged us. She is the opposite to him with previous experience in administration as a city mayor, a State Governor with reserves of oil to manage and defend against foreign powers, who had to deal with real life problems, not just register theoretical votes in a philosphical Congressional environment where everything is a political game and Obama could, did and still votes present in the White House out of ignorant ineptness.

There is ONE similarity between Obama and Palin! She has the charisma and MORE of it than she needs to defeat him.

THAT is the most important asset she brings to the table.

Palin can make it happen WITHOUT being accused of evil motives - as Obama can be accused and the accusations are and should be attributed to a very treacherous Obama!

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