Sunday, August 07, 2011


In another example of the spiteful, thuggish Obama administration using the government against opponents, the intended closure of post offices - just as happened with car dealership closures - will take place in Republican districts. With car dealerships, all Democrat owners were favored over more successful Republican leaning dealers.

We do not have a government under Obama and Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano, we have a Chicago style, gangster criminal Enterprise effectively taking over and running the country with increasing disregard for freedoms, rights and Constitutionality of their policies.

Correction! Unless it is the freedoms of Jihadists, terrorists and Islam, which have protections and immunities never accorded to other religions. Assuming, wrongly, that Islam is purely a "religion" and not the complete socio-political-legal  system with in fact secular courts pretending to be religious and meting out brutal punishment that is not part of any other major religions. At least not in their modern versions practised today rather than 1,400 years ago.

Praying and spiritually connecting to any deity of your choice is not only your right and worthy of protection but laudable. To demand public adherence and PROTECTION of behavior of customs from over a thousand years ago under the guise of "religion" exceeds the intent of laws that were never made to cover this unique anomaly being presented under religion as "sharia".

Again, freedom of worship and prayer of any religious component, including Islam needs to be protected but not the exaggerated and now biased way Oba-Hussein weights policies in favor of Islam and against other freedoms that then get trampled.

A person's freedoms stop at the point they take away the freedoms of others. I would support the rights of the spiritual component of Islam with all my mind but not the temporal, secular socio-political-legal aspects that try to slide in under the religious component.

Exactly as I would fully support the right of Moslems to build mosques to teach spiritual philosophy of being a good, kind, considerate person human being in this MODERN era.

And strongly oppose allowing a mosque to be built - or remain open under religious protection - when the intent  or practise is to use it as an operational center to hide, recruit and deploy terrorists.

The World Trade Center mosque is a unique situation, which is matter of taste and consideration for the host location rather than any religious imperative.

Specially toward others, who might not share our views.

My view of religion would be to persuade with kindness  not beat, burn alive and kill anyone into submission, who fails to agreeor espouse YOUR religion!

Or more accurately the version proclaimed by individual Mullahs, Priests or Pastors, few of whom agree on the analysis of their own holy books.

What triggered this analysis was the remark by an Iranian cleric about 100 years ago when the first major Constitutional movement began, where he vehemently opposed it, saying Islam, a decree of Allah, cannot accept a so-called "constitution" that becomes national law and does not obey everything in the Koran, so cannot be accepted as he would then be on equal status and "pay level" as a Jew, Christian or other doctrines!

This mentality continues today among Islamic fundementalists, who insist on implemeting and forcing Sharia  Moslem law on NON-Moslems! Even killing those who resist.

Here is the problem in a nutshell. Inhumane, senseless cruelty by the Sharia component of a "religion" of peace!

This video shows two people being burned alive for stealing potatoes! Illustrative of the kind of mindset too often found in Sharia law.

And here is a video of how far Jihadists will go to vilify any Non-Moslem
but specially the Jews.

There is a brief instant showing a four or five year old Palestinian boy with a puppy in front of him.

The full video would have shown the child being told that to prove his loyalty he must strangle the little puppy with his bare hands. And does so, to prove he will be able to kill Israelis in the future. And to inure him early on to killiing.

Girls of the same age are placed before a chopping block and given an axe or machete. Then a snake is dropped on the block and they are shouted at to kill it because it represents an Israeli enemy of Palestine.

Incidentally, Oba-Hussein has started brain-washing our school children with weird curriculum and warped mindsets.

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