Sunday, November 13, 2011


It was an earthquake, it was thunder, it was a gas station blowing up, it was conventional ammunition blowing up while being moved, it was nuclear trigger testing gone wrong, it was an Israeli missile attack, it was a combined Israeli and Marxist-Islamist MEK (Mojaheddin-e Khalgh) sabotage etc., etc.

The gas station was the first response from the Mullahs, then ending up with moving explosives, which is what happened the last time there were explosions in that area.

Up to 40 dead!  About seven of them SENIOR "Sepah/IRGC" Revolutionary Guard officers.

Before I got some more details from inside Iran, I was going with the poorly or even untrained soldiers who were used to move things around, could include some nuclear trigger equipment, being moved to/from the mountain caves near there for safety, setting off a chain reaction of munitions being prepared for terrorist use in Iraq. (Later for Afghanistan).

This happened before, within the last two or three years or so, where a series of chain reactions cascaded through several munitions warehouses,  leading relocation of missile technology to nearby mountain caves.

On the reverse side of the coin is the fact that American, Israeli, British and possibly French and Saudi special forces are known to be wandering around parts of Iran and could have come together with MEK informants and decided to create the event.

Note that linguistically Arabic has very different and distinguishable accents and dialects.
A Saudi, Iraqi, Egyptian, North African or Khuzestani may often NOT be able to clearly understand each other's Arabic and thus give away their country of origin. And being a stranger to where they are would need a cover story for being there.
The MEK, feared and vilified by the Mullahs, are Joe Sixpack Iranians without any distinguishing brand on their forehead! Their unity is their philosophy, not any physical or regional identity.

If I had to guess at who might have also helped with a sabotage operation I would consider the warrior Kurdish activists, who have friendly ethnic Kurdish ingress and egress points at the Turkish and Iraqi borders.

However, facts from Iran point to this being either an "accident" set up by a faction of the Sepah/IRGC or an assassination of the senior officers. Huge cracks have appeared among the IRGC leaders. Even to the extent o f one of them warning that if they do not stop sniping at each other politically, they will lose control of Iran, which they hold with the support of the Supreme ruler Ali Khamenei.

One of the members of the "competing" factions  is former IRGC Commander, martial artist, Mohssein Rezai, currently Minister of State (an honorary title of Ministerial level, nothing to do with foreign affairs), of the Guardian Council, whose son Ahmad is hiding in Dubai to avoid being murdered by other factions.

Let's hope these schisms deepen into retaliatory IRGC on IRGC extermination. Saves everyone alot of trouble.


bandar said...

DEBKAfile is reporting that Ahmed Rezaie, who was mentioned in about the last paragraph of this article, was found dead in a Dubai Hotel.

Thanks for your work.

bandar said...

Per DEBKAfile site,

Shortly after explosions rocked Iranian Revolutionary Guards bases near Tehran Saturday, Nov. 12, Ahmed Rezaie, 31, was found dead in a Dubai Hotel. He was the the son of the high-ranking Mohsen Rezaie, secretary of the powerful Expediency Council and former IRGC commander. The cause of his death strongly resembled the method by which Hamas' contact man with Tehran, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, was slain on Jan. 19, 2010 in another Dubai hotel – injected with a muscle relaxant and smothered with a pillow.