Friday, November 04, 2011


By Alan Peters

The increasing beat of war drums emanating from Europe against Islamic Iran, reportedly triggered in part by the discovery of extensive Uranium enrichment facilities in Syria for Islamic Iranian nuclear weaponry has set panic among the Persian pigeons (to coin the phrase).

A handful of anti-regime emissaries, some former fervent Khomeini supporters from Europe and Iran are arriving this weekend to talk to H.I.H. Crown Prince Reza and to American authorities to try to head off the attack on Iran at the pass by suggesting that the West and various Arab nations throw their support behind the "young Shah" as he is often called (though no longer that young) restore a "monarchy" of some Constitutional flavor and remove the Islamic regime in Iran by putting him back in power.

He has the needed face recognition, has a larger following inside Iran than his opponents care to admit and his fiftyish age will make him attractive to enough to the mostly around 30-year old population as an "older brother" and potable even for their parents, most of whom the younger generation holds responsible for their current misery.

Though in the Obama age range, he was brought up in a top leadership environment from which he was torn away as a teenager but his aging mother and some of those around him have the experience and background to form a viable ruling team. Even though some carry baggage, the worst of them is a far cry above the kindest of the Mullahs. So  regime change - with "encouraged" support obtained from the Green Party (Islamic regime "lite") will create enough chaos and instability to remove the Mullahs.

The MEK (Mojaheddin- e Khalgh) will quickly join in to seize power for themselves so it will not be a cake walk. Russia and China will quickly interfere and with around 60,000 Russian consultants in place in almost every Mullah government office their meddling will be direct.

Nor will the Russians willingly give up their dream rights, received from  Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad, to anchor their fleet in the warm water ports of Southern Iran.

The Chinese will want to protect their high multi-billion dollar oil agreements and when push comes to shove will eagerly move troops into Iran to "maintain regional stability".

So will bombing Iran be a quicker, more effective solution? Depends on where you stand.

Iran has deliberately built most of their more recent nuclear facilities under densely populated neighborhoods to discourage air attacks by soft-hearted Western leaders. Recent Libya events may now be pushing them into a       pre-emptive attack on Israel  as they can no longer count on "soft mindsets" of the Europeans nor rely on the protection of Obama bowing to internal and external pressure with an election in the near future.

A very conservative estimate, about ten years ago, put the probable civilian casualty number at around 20,000 if bombing occurred. Today, with proliferation of Iran's nuclear facilities the more probable peripheral damage would be closer to 70,000. Tis could be reduced if we had good inteligence of wher the entrances and exits to the underground facilities were located and bomb to initially block them and prevent access and egress. Till regime change could take place.

The weight of Islamic Iranian threats to destroy Israel and retaliate against American interests in the Middle East (and FYI in the Far East where the Islamic regime has built/bought large inroads into the political and social  fabric, specially Thailand) has finally reached formerly hard of hearing if not deaf ears.

The realization that Islamic Iran is hell bent on accumulating a large nuclear armory and is far ahead of where the West thought it was, has now forced an awakening that hitting Iran while it still has a relatively limited number of nuclear weapons (estimated at some 12  North Korean engineered missiles armed with nuclear nose cone warheads with deteriorating fissionable material obtained from the Ukraine in the 1980's) will be potentially LESS dangerous if taken out today than in the near future when it has more time to increase its nuclear capability and number of missiles.

The Libya anti-Ghaddafi operation, pushed so hard by Obama on behalf of the Moslem Brotherhood he clutchers to his breast, has shown everyone that the result - as in Egypt and Tunisia - is an increase in a Moslem rise to power and a potential improved strike toward a global Islamic Caliphate. Not a reduction of misery from "dastardly dictators", who prevented a boundless, ruthless application of Sharia law that restricts freedoms FAR BEYOND anything these "dastardly dictators" ever did to their own populaces.

Compared to the bloody, merciless application of Sharia brutal torture, death, limb maiming, eye gouging and the most horrible of physical punishments, where 80 lashes in a whipping is a kindness, these dictators that Obama - remember on behalf of his Moslem Brotherhood, the parentage of Al Qaeda pals - removed from office, were pussycats.

He protected the Mullahs in Iran, his international nuclear hit squad, to unbelievable extents to where even an Iran threatened Saudi Arabia stopped talking to him or taking his calls! He even warned Israel that if ANY Israeli fighter or bomber flew into Iraqi air space en route to attack Iran, he would order American Air force pilots and anti-aircraft assets shoot  down the Israelis!

The rationale that retaliation by Iran would include blocking of all oil out of the Persian Gulf, destruction of all Arab oil production in the region, which is all in easy range of Iranian rockets, let alone missiles would perhaps indicate the need of an intense strike on Iranian conventional weaponry somewhat in advance of the nuclear targetting.

Back in 2006 a drastic, ruthless, final solution was outlined in the article below, though harsh and brutal as it may appear, when balanced out against the tens of thousands who have been killed by the Mullahs and the catastrophic millions who may now die because we did not have the resolve nor the vision to foresee what we were allowing to develop happen under our noses.

Now, we are facing the same deadly situation but compounded  beyond belief by our former hesitation and weakness. Or sheer ignorance of the enemy.

If oil stops flowing, America can maybe drill our huge reserves of gas and oil fast enough to recover (if Obama stops preventing our access to our own oil) but much of the rest of the industrial world like Europe, India or even China may not survive so readily.

Prior to Obama usurping the White House (and the Israelis now obtaining air refuellling capability), Israeli aircraft had been practising nightime  touchdowns and take-offs at an USA air base in South West Iraq as part of a refuelling project so they could reach Iran and retun.

A much more realistic MOSLEM country, Saudi Arabia, pragmatically gave Israel overflight permission and even gave them a base near a

With Europe now shifting in the wind and America "leaving" Iraq, under Western pressure he has recently rescinded that threat, while joining China in opposing any attack on his Iranian buddies!

While Obama has lost most if not all his credibility among world leaders, Western or others, sometimes barely concealed ridicule, often a snicker behind their hand, he still has the ability to function as a spoiler and so gets a modicum of attention.

His raising his hand, the only person to try to get attention in this way, in G20 group photos, blocked out the face of the Mongolian leader last time and the Indian President this tme around!

His low class, street thug behavior sits badly with real leaders. At first they tolerated it as his being a novice, now they cannot be bothered with what he has shown himself to really be. A nothing failure that has possibly destroyed America beyond repair and on his way to do the same to the world with his "Marxist-Islamist" based, self-serving ideological idiocy.

Like much of what he does, his ignorance and lack of subject matter experience and any kind of class shows his inability to hold the office he was handed by a naive, gullible electorate that could not believe what a corrupt failure he always was and would continue to be.

For those who were there, Obama would remind you of the young, uneducated, inexperienced 15-year pro-Khomeini vigilante, who with his purloined Kaleshnekov sat in judgment in a neighborhood Committee and decided whether you lived or died in the next few minutes. He was judge and executioner!

Now the fate of many of the 80 million Iranian people,  four or five million Israelis, the whole population of Gaza, of the West Bank, perhaps parts of Lebanon, who face radiation poisoning from IRAN's nuclear attack serve to justify a final solution on the Mullah regime in the most appropriate but EFFECTIVE manner.

On the one hand in the balance are the lives of some 400,000 Mullah regime Revolutionary Guards, Bassiji Suppression Forces  and other inhuman operatives, many of them brutal torturers and murderers and millions of  mostly innocent people of many races, ethnicities and religions, who stand to perish.

Which is the kinder action? Is there a viable compromise position? Think about it.

In a perfect world with perfect people we would save everyone.

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