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With Energy Secretary Steven Chu set to testify Thursday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee about the government’s $573 million loan to failed solar panel maker Solyndra, an explosive new list of energy loan amounts to President Obama’s top fundraisers, bundlers, and supporters has been released by Breitbart editor Peter Schweizer, author of Throw Them All Out.

As the list reveals, 80 percent of all $20.5 billion in Department of Energy loans went to President Obama’s top donors. Furthermore, some of those dwarf in size those given to Obama bundler George Kaiser, owner of the now defunct Solyndra.

The list—which features the likes of Google owners Larry Page and Sergey Brinn, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Ted Turner, John Doerr, and Al Gore—raises new questions about the procedures used to administer the now-controversial DOE loans.

It seemed to start with little things: not reporting that Obama was a smoker, refusing to mention his middle name, refusing to mention he grew up in a Muslim country, refusing to report his campaign promise of skyrocketing electricity prices, then they attacked Joe the Plumber for daring to ask Obama a question that unmasked their chosen candidate as a Marxist, bought a house from crooked realtor and slum lord Tony Rezko in a sweetheart deal, they downplayed his 20-year membership in a hate church, poo-poohed his friendship and working relationship with terrorist Bill Ayers and his terrorist wife. The Obamas even spoke against the American dream, calling it “Middle-Classism”.

He was never vetted during the campaign, the media even chose not to report certain things and even attacked and maligned anyone who dared question him. (remember Joe the Plumber) Since getting in the White House Obama has literally given away a trillion dollars to friends and allies (so-called “stimulus”) and expects to get a billion dollars back for his campaign coffers.

This is probably the biggest crime in history and its apparently not newsworthy. His administration has given guns to Mexican druglords, people have literally died-including Americans from those very guns. His “Obamacare” threatens to bankrupt the country while rationing out less but ever-more expensive healthcare to the people. He decries those who “don’t pay their fair share” while his top corporate allies, like GE, pay no taxes at all. He decries CEO’s “excessive salaries” while ignoring the salaries of top union officials, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who walked away with millions as those institutions crashed to the ground and demanded bailouts.

But hey if a Republican pauses for 20 seconds to think about a question from a hostile reporter, that must be condemned as the end of his campaign. Yes, what media bias?

Some of the projects LPO supports include:
The nation’s first nuclear power plant in the last three decades. (Vogtle)

The world’s largest wind farm. (Shepherds Flat)

One of the nation’s first cellulosic ethanol power plants. (POET’s Project Liberty)

The largest rooftop solar project in our nation’s history. (Project Amp)

Several of the world’s largest photovoltaic generation facilities when completed, including the largest in the world. (Agua Caliente)

Several of the world’s largest concentrating solar power (CSP) generation facilities that will triple the nation’s currently-installed CSP capacity.

Solar manufacturing plants that will help reduce the cost of solar power, one by up to up to 50% per panel. (1366, Solopower)

The nation’s first purpose-built wheelchair-accessible vehicle that will run on compressed natural gas. (VPG)




JOBS: 64,776

AREVA Front-end Nuclear $2 billion 310/1,000 May 2010 Idaho Falls, ID Conditional Commitment

Georgia Power Company Nuclear Generation $8.33 billion 800/3,500 Feb 2010 Waynesboro, GA Conditional Commitment

Red River Environmental Products, LLC Energy Efficiency $245 million 70/500 Dec 2009 Coushatta, LA Conditional Commitment

SAGE Electrochromics, Inc. Energy Efficiency $72 million 160/210 Mar 2010 Faribault, MN Conditional Commitment


1366 Technologies, Inc. Solar Manufacturing $150 million 70/50 Sept 2011 Lexington, MA Closed

Abengoa Bioenergy Biomass of Kansas LLC Biofuel $132.4 million 65/300 Aug 2011 Hugoton, KS Closed

Abengoa Solar, Inc. (Mojave Solar) Solar Generation $1.2 billion 70/830 Sept 2011 San Bernardino County, CA Closed

Abengoa Solar, Inc. (Solana) Solar Generation $1.446 billion 60/1,700 Dec 2010 Gila Bend, AZ Closed

Abound Solar Solar Manufacturing $400 million 1,200/400 Dec 2010 Longmont, CO and Tipton, IN Closed

AES Corporation Battery Storage $17.1 million 5/30 Aug 2010 Johnson City, NY Closed

Beacon Power Corporation Energy Storage $43 million 14/20 Aug 2010 Stephentown, NY Closed

BrightSource Energy, Inc. Solar Generation $1.6 billion 86/1,000 Apr 2011 Baker, CA Closed

Caithness Shepherds Flat Wind Generation partial guarantee of $1.3 billion 35/400 Oct 2010 Gilliam and Morrow Counties, OR Closed

Cogentrix of Alamosa, LLC. Solar Generation $90.6 million 10/75 Sept 2011 Alamosa, CO Closed

Exelon (Antelope Valley Solar Ranch) Solar Generation $646 million 20/350 Sept 2011 Lancanster, CA Closed

Granite Reliable Wind Generation partial guarantee of $168.9 million 6/198 Sept 2011 Coos, NH Closed

Kahuku Wind Power, LLC. Wind Generation $117 million 10/200 July 2010 Kahuku Oahu, HI Closed

LS Power Associates (ON Line – formerly known as SWIP-S) Transmission $343 million 15/400 Feb 2011 Ely to Las Vegas, NV Closed

Mesquite Solar 1, LLC (Sempra Mesquite) Solar Generation $337 million 7/300 Sept 2011 Maricopa County, AZ Closed

Nevada Geothermal Power Company, Inc. Geothermal partial guarantee of $98.5 million 14/200 Sept 2010 Humbolt County, NV Closed

NextEra Energy Resources, LLC (Desert Sunlight) Solar Generation partial guarantee of $1.46 billion 15/550 Sept 2011 Riverside County, CA Closed

NextEra Energy Resources, LLC (Genesis Solar) Solar Generation partial guarantee of $852 million 47/800 Aug 2011 Riverside County, CA Closed

NRG Energy (California Valley Solar Ranch) Solar Generation $1.237 billion 15/350 Sept 2011 San Luis Obispo, CA Closed

NRG Solar, LLC (Agua Caliente) Solar Generation $967 million 10/400 Aug 2011 Yuma County, AZ Closed

Ormat Nevada, Inc. Geothermal partial guarantee of $350 million 64/332 Sept 2011 Jersey Valley, McGinness Hills, and Tuscarora, NV Closed

POET, LLC. Biofuel $105 million 40/200 Sept 2011 Emmetsburg, IA Closed

Prologis (Project Amp) Solar Generation partial guarantee of $1.4 billion 42/Over 1,000 Sept 2011 28 States Closed

Record Hill Wind Wind Generation $102 million 8/200 Aug 2011 Roxbury, ME Closed

SolarReserve, LLC (Crescent Dunes) Solar Generation $737 million 45/600 Sept 2011 Nye County, NV Closed

SoloPower Solar Manufacturing $197 million 450/270 Aug 2011 Wilsonville, OR Closed

Solyndra Inc. Solar Manufacturing $535 million N/A/3,000 Sep 2009 Fremont, CA Closed

US Geothermal, Inc. Geothermal $97 million 10/150 Feb 2011 Malheur County, OR Closed

Projects Status


Fisker Automotive $529 million 2,000 Apr 2010 2 Closed

Ford Motor Company $5.907 billion 33,000 Sep 2009 13 Closed

Nissan North America, Inc. $1.448 billion 1,300 Jan 2010 2 Closed

Severstal Dearborn, LLC $730 million 260/2,500 June 2011 Conditional Commitment

Tesla Motors $465 million 1,500 Jan 2010 2 Closed

The Vehicle Production Group LLC $50 million 900 Mar 2011 1 Closed

Obama Bundlers, Large Donors, and Supporters
(as of September 15, 2011)
Amount (in millions)
Abound Solar
Pat Stryker and Russ
Vinod Khosla
Amyris Biotechnologies
John Doerr and Steve
Beech Ridge Energy Wind
Michael Polsky
Dan Reicher (Google)
Larry Page (Google)
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Sanjay Wagle
Sergei Brinn (Google)
Vinod Khosla
Duke Energy
Jim Rogers
First Solar
Ted Turner and Paul
Tudor Jones
First Wind
D.E. Shaw
David Canning
Larry Summers
Fisker Automotive
Al Gore and John Doerr
Granite Reliable
Nancy DeParle
Hydrogen Energy
BP and Rio Tinto
California LLC
Kahuku Wind/First Wind$117
David Shaw
Nordic Windpower
Vinod Khosla
Notress Windpower/Duke
Jim Rogers
Record Hill Wind
Governor Angus King
Solar City
Dan Reicher (Google)
Elon Musk
Larry Page (Google)
Sergei Brinn (Google)
Solar Reserve
Michael Froman
Solar Trust of America
Seth Waugh
George Kaiser
Solzyme Inc.
Jerry Fiddler
John Luongo

Roger Strauch
Summit Texas Clean
Eric Redman and Laura
Energy, LLC
Tesla Motors
Dan Reicher (Google)
Elon Musk
Larry Page (Google)
Nicholas Pritzker
Sergei Brinn (Google)
Steve Westly
Vantage Wind Energy, LLC $60
Michael Polsky
Jonathan Seelig and Paul

Total: $16,428.1 MILLION

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