Tuesday, November 22, 2011


President Barack Obama's personal aide, gatekeeper and basketball sparring partner Reggie Love says that one of the coolest jobs in the world sometimes has its downside – no air conditioning.

Mr Love, who is Mr Obama's 'body man', a cross between a personal valet and constant companion, is due to step down later this year to attend business school.

Hillary Clinton has Huma Abedin for her ‘special needs’, and Barry has Reggie Love for his ‘special needs’.
In an interview due to be broadcast on ABC television, the 30-year-old said: "The thing that used to kill me is that the guy loves to ride around with the AC off in the summertime.

"And I get hot. I start sweating. And I'm like, it's 80 degrees in this car. I'm going to pass out."

Mr Obama, who is known to keep his Oval Office at temperatures reminiscent of his native Hawaii, was a senator when he first brought the towering six-foot-four former college basketball star into his orbit in 2006.

Mr Love is always with Mr Obama, in the White House, on his Marine One helicopter, as the president shakes hands on a ropeline at campaign events, or criss-crosses the globe aboard his Air Force One official aeroplane. He is often asked for a pen so the president can sign T-shirts and acts as his partner on the basketball court.

The two have flown 880,780 miles together since Mr Obama launched his historic 2008 run for the White House, according to researchers at ABC television.

US presidents are known to carry little if anything in their pockets, so Mr Love carries a bag with travel essentials: collar stays, stain remover, and dental products that Obama does not hesitate to use in front of him

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