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 "Sardar" (Islamic regime's term for their generals, to avoid using "Timsar" the former military appellation) Suleimani is not a face familiar to many in the West. In fact he is the least photographed man around and definitely NOT disclosing his photo can be lethally enforced in Iran.

But members of the rampaging Iranian mob which last week laid siege to the British Embassy in Tehran knew exactly what they were doing when they held aloft a picture of a grey-haired man, with downturned mouth and his beard more neatly trimmed than those of his country's religious leaders.

Qassem Suleimani, a fanatical Islamic revolutionary, has rapidly become one of the world's top terrorist suspects, as well as a powerful and sinister force within Iran. And founder of the "Sepah Mohammad" - the "Mohammad Force" division of the Qods Special Forces, is tasked with destroying any opposition to the Islamic regime, specially by Western agents.

AND carrying out violent/lethal projects  inside foreign countries.

General Qassem Soleimani
Commander of 15,000-strong paramilitary Qods Special Forces
 The most recent plan, that Iran still tries to deny, was his attempt to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the USA. And as icing on the cake to do it at a restaurant where Israeli diplomats were also likely to be eating.

Iran and Saudi Arabia have locked horns ever more intensely over Iran's nuclear program which endangers their monarchy as much as it puts Israel at risk! And fits neatly in the traditional conflict of Shia Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia.

At the time, his paranoid avoidance of being photographed meant that more than likely he was operating openly and UNRECOGNIZED in Mexico with little or no fear of being identified.

Plus with Obama castrating U.S. intelligence forces with his ban on any terrorist description using Islam or alluding to his Iranian or Moslem Brotherhood buddies - using Atorney General Eric Holdert to impose blockades on information flow, similar to President  Clinton putting up a wall, through Attorney General Gorelick prohibiting sharing of information among law enforcement and intelligence agencies, Suleimani had and has little to fear from the USA.

He had a low level, untrained fall guy patsy set up to take the responsibility for an operation way above that man's experience and pretend he was paying for the Saudi hit.

What is perhaps to most notable, yet completely overlooked aspect of the British embassy take-over in Tehran is the fact that Suleimani ALLOWED (possibly encouraged) his photo to be brandished in a direct contradiction of his life-long profile of secrecy.

Why? Probably because he was taking an overt stand/position within the power struggle going on in Iran both among the clerics and in the various paramilitary forces like the IRGC, Bassijis and even with his Mohammad Division.

And establishing that he is more than just Commander of the Special Forces and overseas operations and will punish diplomatic missions inside the country - with impunity. - so watch everyone!

By the Way! Here are photos of one of his loyal operatives both inside Iran and  at an Occupy Wall Street rally. Do they not resemble each other? Could almost be father and son or uncle and nephew.  Touch up Suleimani's grey hair and beard and one could almost be the other.

You decide:

Karim Jalali


This man could be wandering around your neighborhood in the USA or Mexico or South America! Possibly hidden among the Islamic terrorists who have found shelter in Canada.

Take a good look at his picture, imagine some intentional cosmetic changes and see if you can spot him. Then pick up a phone!

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