Monday, December 19, 2011


TEHRAN: "Goftoguye Shahzade Reza Pahlavi Ba Radio Farda! December 17, 2011"

This eight minute video with Radio Farda is Farsi only so far. We will try to find time to turn the gist into brief headings for English speakers and post it here.

Basically, from memory,  it covers the action of His Imperial Highness to try to indict Islamic Iran's Supreme Ruler Ali Khamenei as the person in charge of the regime brutality and like other suppressive/oppressive rulers recently pverthrown, face the charge of Crimes against Humanity or be removed.

He wants to do it under the aegis of a "united opposition", united in their effort to overthrow the regime not their ideology, which can be varied and not necessarily compatible with each other for future administrations. OTHER than separating "Church/mosque and State".

As we wrote some time ago, this push stems from the imminently approaching attack on Iran by the "West/Israel" and an effort by Prince Reza to stem that and the enormous cost of repairing damages and loss of lives of his people, by creating a strong movement to overthrow the current Islamic regime in a speedy but less or even "preferably" non-violent fashion.

Thus by removing the current mindlessly focused Khamenei regime on acquiring and using nuclear weaponry, making a millitary attack on Iran's population, wealth and treasure unnecessary.

Prince Reza has a responsibility to protect innocent Iranians as part of his leadership and cannot envisage or appear to consider the real solution to the problem of the current Islamic regime, which would require a much more drastic, cold-blooded, scrubbing/cleansing set of actions, which were described in a 2006 article (red link below).

Link below to Farsi Interview for Persian speakers

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