Friday, January 06, 2012


Obama claims that national unemployment came down around  one  percent last month thus over 700,000 people from the work force of 153 million.

Somewhere in the Obama declaratation that 200,000 net new jobs were created, what happened to the other "supposed" 500,000 (but invisible?!) jobs that equal the percentage drop Obama claims?

He and his administration either cannot count or hope you cannot either!

By Steve McCann

The mask is fully off. Barack Obama is the most corrupt, power-mad president in this nation's illustrious history. By his actions in bypassing Congress and making appointments that should be subject to Senate approval while the Senate is still in session and innumerable extra-constitutional actions since he became president, he is following in the footsteps of the despots who dominated the 20th century.

In late September of 2008, it became clear to me that Barack Obama would be elected president. Based on his background, education, motivation, and indoctrination, I saw a man who could single-handedly destroy the country and someone with no respect for the history, the Constitution, or the people of the United States. The specter of a megalomaniac who was a stranger to the truth and would or say or do anything to achieve or retain power overcame me. In Barack Obama and his fellow travelers, I saw what I feared the most since I came to this country: a person and a political mindset that would, if allowed, spell the end of the noblest experiment in the history of mankind.

VARIOUS Internet Commentaries
Barack Hussein Obama is the affirmative action Adolf Hitler. He had the hysterical crowds at his presidential run, reminiscent of Hitler along with possibly being not from America yet ruling it as Adolf Hitler was not from Germany but wound up ruling it. However, as an affirmative action Adolf Hitler, BHO is something of a weak copy. While both Hitler and Obama had a mighty speaking voice, Hitler would not have needed a teleprompter. At least some of Hitler's public works were not boondoggles. He did build the autobahn, which was a success unlike BHO's Solyndra. While Hitler killed millions of Jews by himself, Obama, as is his wont, leads the attempted destruction of the nearly six million Jews in Israel from behind. Obama wants Iran to lead the destruction of the nearly six million Jews in Israel.

Obama gave Iran a sophisticated drone plane, perhaps to offset the effective sabatoge that Israel was doing to Iran's nuclear program. As the affirmative action Adolf Hitler, Obama is a pale copy of the real thing and far more incompetent

Once again our gnat-sized attention span is on display. Why have we forgotten about the three dozen czars placed in positions of authority with zero congressional oversight. They have been there for three years now, quietly doing whatever they do. We have no idea what frameworks are in place because of the czars, no one seems to care, and there is no one who can or is willing to audit them.
Here’s Obama’s SS troops - practicing in Florida:

DHS Officers Armed With Semiautomatics Set Up Unannounced ID Checkpoint - (In Florida - it’s political...)

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