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Dr. Taitz, I don’t know why Judge Malihi would take the route he did. I thought he had a back bone and Kemp looked to me like he has one too from what he wrote.

You presented your case well, which gave rise to so many unanswered questions. As an American, Malihi, should have been dying for answers to those questions. Why isn’t he?

Was Obama born in 1890? Is he curious even slightly why Obama isn’t going to practice law anymore with his superior degree from Harvard?

What about those name changes, he’s not interested in the questions that surround his various identities? No good American, in their right mind, I am talking real patriots, would be able to just walk away without the answers, if they had watched and read the hearings like the rest of us.

He was the Judge for crying out loud! I can’t believe he would be satisfied without the answers to your questions. Well, my prayer is that our good Lord continues to prepare a table before you in the presense of our enemies and annoint your head with oil as your cup runneth over, so that surely goodness and mercy will follow you and all good Americans all the days of our life so we shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever! God Bless you Orly!

The whole country (the ones who matter that embrace one nation under G-d) love you and value every single thing you have done. The only thing I can think of that must keep you going is that the light of the Lord and all his angels are leading you every single step of the way. Praise G-d for that!

Answer: I don’t know, what happened to Malihi. I know, that he is not American by birth.,

He is Persian, Iranian. The last name and the first names of his parents are all Persian.

He is an appointee of the Democrat governor Zell Miller.

(Alan Note: Similar to Judge David Carter in California being a Clinton apppointee, who under similar circumstances also folded like a wet napkin and used a member of the Obama law firm defense team to write his equally shameful, cowardly capitulation decision/motion to dismiss. Should he still be calling himself a Marine and staining them?)

The only thing, that I don’t know, is:

Alan note: whether it was a set up from the start or whether someone got to him recently (including the Islamic Regime in Iran which could put pressure on Malihi if he or his wife have any relatives or even close friends they could harm, still in Iran).

Remember and note how Obama protects Islamic Iran and refuses to take action against Iran's surrogate Syrian brutal, mostly Iranian conducted slaughter in Syria.

Note: how Obama is blocking legislation to allow frozen Iranian funds in the USA to be drawn upon to pay American survivor relatives from the 1983 bombing in Lebanon - as per the judgment issued by a Federal Court - saving Iran around $2.5 BILLION!

Was any of this an incentive/ purchase/bribe/inducement  to Islamic Iran to threaten physical FATAL violence on Malihi and family? And their ability and prediliction to murder opponents is a well known, proven fact.

Was this judge's own foreign background, specially IRANIAN, a key for his deciding the IMPOSSIBLE that Obama is a "natural born citizen"? He based it on a still unproved location of birth and IGNORED the fact that Obama's father  was NOT an American, which is a deciding factor to disqualify Obama from claiming the right to be President or at the very least on the ballot next time around? 

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