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Iran Elections: an acquaintance who returned from Iran a few days ago closely monitored three nearby polling booths, a mosque and two schools. A total of THREE old men entered the mosque during the whole day (unclear whether to vote or to pray) and ZERO people went to the schools to cast their votes!

The Supreme Ruler's son-in-law Haddad Adel was declared the winner of Tehran with well over a million votes! This created a challenge for the election officials who could only muster less than 150,000 votes for him throughout the city of some 12 million residents. (Includes duplicates from multiple bussed voters).

Opposition groups boycotted the elections.

Reportedly, when the Supreme Ruler was approached about this problem, he or his staff responded that they should do what they did for Larejani (the Speaker) the last time when they encountered the same problem and stuffed ballot boxes beyond belief.

One mathematics problem is that the individual ballot numbers declared by individual polling booths DO NOT ADD UP to the totals election officials have claimed for the candidates at those locations.

Opposition groups in Europe have obtained  copies of the statistic sheets as proof.

Estimates say that less than 18% of eligible voters participated and this number only reached that level when small towns and villages fielded around 30% of eligible voters. Major cities may thus have had under 8% of their eligible residents come to polling stations.

Another comment was that the regime has FILLED major prisons like Evin or Kahrizak to way beyond capacity with higher level opponents, so that less important protestors in the streets get harshly beaten up but rarely arrested as there is nowhere to hold them.

AFTER OBAMA SERVED EXPENSIVE FOREIGN WINES WHEN HOSTING THE CHINESE PRESIDENT AT A FORMAL DINNER (to which many objected. Not just the wines but such high level treatment of our main, most dangerous  "enemy") THE WHITE HOUSE NOW REFUSES TO NAME THE WINES THEY SERVE! SIMPLY SAYING IT WAS UNCORKED AMERICAN WINES. (We have some very expensive ones of our own so why the big secret? Once again by the "most transparent Adminisration ever" - iin reality the murkiest ever!)


Obama has ordered the Energy and Interior Departments TO NO LONGER PROVIDE ESTIMATES OF THE SIZE OF AMERICAN ENERGY RESERVES WHICH HAVE RISEN AS NEW SOURCES APPEAR ALL THE TIME. And now show the USA has reserves that are MULTIPLE TIMES GREATER than those of Saudi Arabia and OPEC countries (possibly put together).

INSTEAD OF DEVELOPING OUR OWN RESOURCES, he is going BEGGING to Saudis to RAISE their output to cover about 2.5 million barrels a day, which can be EASILY done inside AMERICA - AND THE BILLIONS WE SEND OUT TO THOSE COUNTRIES would REMAIN INSIDE OUR OWN ECONOMY!!!!

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