Sunday, March 04, 2012


Check the photos in the link above. Mostly self-explanatory even though in Farsi.

Specially a composite of four photos of Khomeini arriving back to Iran in 1979 and the diminishing number of supporters around him. Virtually all gone by 2014. Including his own son.

Obama blustering about "we are not bluffing" to try to regain some of the Jewish vote for re-election but receiving skepticism as he tries to buy more time for Iran to complete nuclear capability.

Clearly Iran's response to an Israeli  (and ? USA) attack will be painful to American interests worldwide, even inside the USA from terrorists Obama has allowed in, and nearby military (as in Iraq, Bahrain, Afghanistan) but a nuclear armed Iran's destructive capabilities and ability to pass nuclear weapons to terrorists they fund and support is far worse a DEFINITE collateral damage to results from NOT destroying Iran's nuclear capability.

Not just damage to Israel, potentially two or more million dead from just TWO MISSILES, but to Arab States like Saudi Arabia or Palestinian Gaza or West Bank made unlivable through RADIATION.

New reports indicate Iran has now increased CURRENT possession of nuclear weapons - PURCHASED or bartered from other countries from about 12 to over 20! These include some of the still missing 30 or more Soviet and Chinese style "suitcase nuclear bombs". Several believed to be in Iranian hands! Libya had some but nobody can verify what happened to them, though indicators of their being "hidden" within Europe has long been suspected.

Thus missile DELIVERY capability needs to also be destroyed at the same time as production of nuclear materials. As well as over the porous U.S. borders that Obama insists on leaving unprotected. Woe to America under his pro-Islamic policies.

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