Sunday, April 15, 2012


RIGGED ELECTIONS! One man got hurt in this incident above but TENS OF MILLIONS of Americans will be politically "massacred" when the electronic VOTE COUNT of the November elections in America is now put in the hands of a company in Spain owned by George Soros and pro-Obama surrogates/supporters.

Is this even permitted by our Constitution? Approved by Congress? Does anybody care? Or that the electronic voting machines and needed hackable software are made and offered by a family member of Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi?

America's elections controlled by a Spanish entity? AND WITH THEIR easily, selectively alterable SOFTWARE in Spain? And in the voting machines themseves? With no physical recourse/access  available to their data to verify accuracy if their figures are contested?

The results THEY provide become unconfrontable facts on the level of God's word! Or Allah's? And NOT even directly subject to U.S. LAW?

Any wonder therefore when Obama whispers to the Russian president that "WHEN he is reelected.... not IF he is...... he can be more flexible...."

As a Soviet leader once said, it is not who votes that creates the results, it is who COUNTS THE VOTES!

As very recently in Tehran, Iran this last time around where official statistics on votes for the Supreme Leader's son-in-law came in at under 250,000 votes in a city of around TEN million BUT he won by OVER TWO MILLION non-existent "ghost" votes to become the member of parliament from Tehran.

Somewhat panicked by the scarcity of votes an Interior Ministry representative rushed to the Supreme Ruler Ali Khamenei and asked him what they should do. He calmly replied what you did to get Larijani (currently the Speaker) elected and what we always do. Rig the vote count.

One observer with whom we chatted described his experience of that voting day at three voting locations, two schools and a mosques. Throughout the day NOBODY showed up at the schools and FOUR old men came to the mosque. Either to vote of to say prayers.

Copies of REAL statistics obtained from the Interior Ministry by opposition groups in Europe - when added up - showed that barely FIFTEEN percent (15%) of eligible voters voted.

INCLUDED in those numbers are the groups, nationwide,  of mostly women the regime bussed around to polling places in major cities and would not be easily recognized as multiple voters because of their Islamic "hide-all" attire. Each had been given multiple identities with which to carry out this task.

Rigged polling is not a purely Soviet or Communist tactic but widespread around dictatorships. America had COMPARATIVELY decent voting until Obama has taken over and turned the USA into a dictatorship.

A naive, wishful thinking populace bought or corrupted by "free stuff" from Obama, a corrupt Democratic control of Senate and Congress and White House which rammed ObamaCare UNREAD down our throats, has finally given virtually total control to Obama.

AND if we don't like it and oppose his usurpation of power, his recent Executive Order allowing him to declare "martial law" in peace time and carry out POLITICAL arrests for unlimited time frames without a trial, with AT WILL imprisonment of opponents without any legal basis other than his declaration that it is for national security, underlines the rumors that internement camps under FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) have been prepared to house the massive number of new prisoners.

To limit or reduce armed resistance capability to his tyranny by "we the people" , his mentor and puppetmaster Soros, using his multitude of his companies, has begun buying up American arms manufacturers and already has control of nearly dozen.

The aim, under peace time martial law declaration, is to ban the sale of weapons AND AMMUNITION to private citizens. So even if you already have a handgun or rifle you will not be able to obtain ammunition for these, thus turning them into "useless" items in any protracted uprising against his One Million Person Civil Security Force. The cost of this has been hidden inside his ObamaCare bill with multi-BILLION dollar slush funds galore under various guises and outside the reach of Congress.

Having watched, first hand, the smaller scale takeover of Iran by Soviet driven Marxist-Islamist forces, directed out of the Tehran Soviet Embassy, the Alinsky tactics and stratgegy (from the same Soviet playbook) being used by Obama out of the White House are easy to spot, recognize and analyze.

NOT SO for the general American populace without the experience to recognize Obama's actions and who thus have no clue of what is being done to them in a multi-faceted but closely related series of tactics leading to a strategy of seizing control of America under the dictatorship of Obama and his masters.

Occupy Wall Street mobs are part of a dress rehearsal for what Obama has in mind and how he will do so. As is the banning of vitamin sales to prevent home remedies and force us into his oppressive, invasive healthcare.

A big blow to that and to the needed funding hidden in it for the take-over, a Supreme Court decision to label ObamaCare unconstitutional may help save our country.

Though NOT if the vote count in Spain is allowed to stand and the fox - street thug in the Oval Office - is stupidly given the task of guarding the hen house. Without any restraints of the need to be re-elected. Four years to cut America off at the knees and destroy us once and for all.

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