Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Food stamp rolls have increased 260% in 11 years, spending up 400% http://www.therightscoop.com/food-stamp-rolls-have-increased-260-in-11-years-spending-up-400/  Dems’ Majority Rule Politics of Dependency?

From ‘Hope’ to Hypocrisy: The Senator Who Became A Sellout http://noisyroom.net/blog/2012/04/23/from-hope-to-hypocrisy-the-senator-who-became-a-sellout/

Sheriff Joe Holding 2nd Press Conference to Release "Explosive" New Obama Evidence

Attorney Larry Klayman: "Discovery is Underway" in Florida Obama Ballot Challenge http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2012/04/attorney-larry-klayman-discovery-is.html

Obama's come-uppance from Elie Wiesel during self-serving visit to Holocaust Museum

Revealed By WikiLeaks: Obama Team Stole Election, Bribed Jesse Jackson, Took Russian Money In 2008 http://www.westernjournalism.com/wikileaks-obama-team-stole-election-bribed-jesse-jackson-and-took-russian-money-in-2008/

Hamas to start publicly executing Palestinians found guilty of “collaboration” with Israel http://www.therightscoop.com/hamas-to-start-publicly-executing-palestinians-found-guilty-of-collaboration-with-israel/

Is Barack Obama, Gay? You Bet! http://hillbuzz.org/is-barack-obama-gay

Feds eye retirement-fund tax to cut $16 trillion-plus deficit http://nyp.st/I2sH7J

JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: TAX EVASION, PERJURY - WHAT DID OBAMA KNOW & WHEN? http://www.newswithviews.com/Devvy/kidd532.htm

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