Saturday, May 12, 2012


House Votes To Prohibit DOJ From Using Funds To Defend Legal Challenges To ObamaCare

Why Are We Bankrupt? Has anyone ever thought about just making Mexico the 51st state? It would be a lot easier

White Supremacist Group Arrested But Not New Black Panther Party Members  ‘..Obama administration must either release and apologize to the white supremacists arrested in Orlando or have the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force arrest the leadership of the NBPP, along with Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson..’

Terrorist Bomber to Hide Bombs in Fido and Fluffy

Former NY Gov. Pataki: Obama's Record Will Doom His Re-election Bid

Are We @ The Tipping Point '..grandchildren of 60's radicals learning as early as kindergarten about the important things in life like global warming & being gay or lesbian’

Obama Seizes Control Over Food, Livestock, Farm Production, Farm Equipment, Fertilizer And Food Production Across The USA

Democrats inadvertently open the door to Obama's past

..Obama Admits to Smoking Pot, Drinking Beer, Doing Drugs… And Bullying Fat Nerdy Black Girl in High School

Do You Know Anybody Like Obama? Beck’s Latest Expose Could Go Down in History

Rush Limbaugh: Washington Post Still Can't Find Obama's College Records or Girlfriends

Obama's Own Doctor Slams ObamaCare as 'Failure'- former doctor claims that Obama lacks passion, feeling and humanity

IRS Refunds Gone Wild! ‘..we the taxpayers.. giving more than $4B p/yr in IRS refunds to..”undocumented workers” for their children.. in Mexico’

Rush: TIME's IMPROVED New Cover

ObamaCare’s Muslim Exemption

The Cover-up Continues...more Crimes To Cover The Biggest Crime Ever Against The American People...

No Joke: House Dems Take Training Course On Playing The Race Card

Do You Want a President Who Snorted Cocaine, Drank to Excess, and Hung Out with Communists or a Prankster? - Godfather Politics:

Family of Romney’s Alleged Bully Victim Speaks Out: The Portrayal of John Is Factually Incorrect

Planned Parenthood Promoting Abortions As a “Civil Right”…

Obama's Marriage Masquerade

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