Monday, May 21, 2012


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TODAY in 1881, the American Red Cross was founded. Its Iranian counterpart, The Red Lion and Sun Society of Iran, was established in 1922. However, given Islamists make up history and are a bundle of confusion, in usurping power in 1979, the Islamic Republic regime changed the "Red Lion and Sun" to the “Red Crescent” so as to disassociate it with the previous Pahlavi kings even though the organization was created before the rise of that dynasty. (As a side note ... the Islamists are currently in charge of writing and teaching history to Iran's future generations.) 

Of course, in changing the name of the organization, what the Islamists really wanted to do was to erase Iranian national symbols from a people’s memory – lion and sun -- and replace them with what is perceived as an Islamic symbol – crescent. But in their boundless ignorance, the Islamists fail to note that the crescent is an Iranian national symbol especially prevalent during the Sasanian Persian Empire as readily seen on the crowns of its kings 

Hence, Islam will never "eclipse" Iran!

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