Monday, May 28, 2012


Internet search engine behemoth Google has issued a global warning to net users over a possible internet crash in July if they leave their systems unfixed.

The alert comes after a similar warning issued recently by the FBI in the US.

According to tech experts numerous web users around the globe have been infected with the DNSChanger malware, which needs an immediate clean-up.

Google plans to notify as many as 500,000 users that are still infected with the malware. If left unfixed the malicious virus may alter search results and send users to rogue sites.

"Our goal with this notification is to raise awareness of DNSChanger among affected users," Damian Menscher, security engineer at Google said. "We believe directly messaging affected users on a trusted site and in their preferred language will produce the best-possible results."

The Google warning is likely to come in the form of a message that will appear on the top of Google search results stating the user's computer is infected.

"At the current disinfection rate, hundreds of thousands of devices will still be infected on July 9 when the replacement DNS servers are shut down," Menscher stated. "At that time, any remaining infected machines may experience slowdowns or completely lose Internet access."

To check if you’re infected and how to clean your computer click here:

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