Thursday, May 10, 2012


Wake Up Young People!’: CNBC’s Santelli Delivers Stern Warning To Those 27 And Under

Black Voters In NC Backed Amendment To Ban Gay Marriage By 2-1 Margin…

Did Obama Step in a trap? Obama played his base perfectly. He bilked the democrat faithful like a professional snake oil salesman

Obama On Being a “Practicing” Christian: The “Golden Rule” Trumps The Bible When It Comes To Gay Marriage…

"Dozens of vicious assaults since Trayvon Martin slaying"

EXCLUSIVE: Gitmo Terrorist Lawyer Cheryl Bormann Bragged About Nazi Relative Martin Bormann

Why Do We Continue To Accept Obama’s Corruption As The Norm?

A Third of W.Va. Democratic Primary Voters Chose Felon Over Obama

Limbaugh responds to NOW, Media Matters with ‘National Organization for Rush Babes’

Gowdy to DOJ: Won’t give us ‘Fast and Furious’ docs? We’re docking your pay!

Spitting Bull: Elizabeth Warren’s Disingenuous Claim of Native American Ancestry

Occupy and the Moral Infrastructure..Disregard for the law leaves society with mob rule

Report: Al-Qaeda Bomber Was Working As Double-Agent For CIA..

Rush Limbaugh: ”The Tea Party Is Alive And Vibrant”

Photoshopper-in-Chief Strikes Again: Strange Anomalies in the Famous Situation Room Photo

‘Cali-Fait’ Accompli?: Beck Explains Why the Caliphate Is Coming

Soros Foundation Under Investigation for Illegally Channeling Foreign Money to Influence Canadian Politics

Michael Savage: “If You’re A Democrat And You’re Voting For Obama, You’re Voting For Your Death''

Rush Limbaugh: ''Obama Is Leading A War On Traditional Marriage''

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