Saturday, May 12, 2012


The man who advised the second worst president in our history (Obama has overtaken Carter as the worst) and helped Carter create the source and give birth to today's global terrorism has been approached to help Obama with our terrorist challenges and how to deal with Iran, which Carter assiduously turned into the Islamic regime under Ayatollah Khomeini by destabilizing and removing the late Shah.

The Shah was by far the strongest ally America had at the time in the Middle East! Obama has since removed every other ally we had in the region - in the name of ISLAM! And is asking Brzezezinski for ADVICE? How to speed up the global take over by the Moslem Brotherhood terror organization which founded Al-Qaeda? Which, through the Moslem Brotherhood, openly operates out of the White House?

Good grief, American ostriches!  When are you going to pull your heads out of the sand and see you are committing cultural and political suicide under Obama, now, let alone an unrestricted four more years under this "dedicated enemy" destroying you as fast as he can?

As his former doctor says, Obama has no real human feelings or emotions, no remorse and no sense of pity for anyone. Only a narcissistic desire for self-gratification and dictatorial power over one and all.

His supporters should beware as he will throw you under his bus aT the drop of a hat!

YOU hold no special place with him, as he is the only one with a "special place" in his mind is HIMSELF and everyone else be damned.

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