Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Also check out a couple of videos in the multilingual section that show some naturally gorgeous Persian eyes. 


In the pre-1979 days of His Majesty, the late Shah of Iran, South Africa decided to build an oil terminal in a joint-venture with Iran and "imported" a slew of Iranian technicians and workers to help build it. In the process, under apartheid and in their ignorance they classified the Iranians as "colored".

When his Majesty heard this, while disturbed by the label, he told a staff member to set up a meeting with the South African Minister in charge of the project and to send a specific high level Iranian to attend.

The South African, of Welsh descent had black hair, black eyes and a sallow skin color had been informed the reason for the meeting was to evaluate the color classification.

He greeted the very white-skinned, blond, blue eyed envoy of the Shah, who simply said: I am pure Persian and have a family history going back hundreds of years. Do I look colored to you?" 

Or if we were to stand together in front of a mirror who looks more colored?"

That was all it took for a phone call to immediately reclassify Iranians as white and the South African was amicably advised to read and share the origins of the white Indo-European races and why the term Caucasian refers to whites who originated in the Caucus Mountains north of Iran. 

The video below gives some additional context to this but cannot help decide if Obama is half black or half white!

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