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Clean-Up In Aisle 9… WALKER ROMPS IN WISCONSIN – Will The Left Please Claim Their Trash

Sarah Palin on Wisconsin Recall: “Obama’s Goose Is Cooked”

Tea Party Leader: Walker’s Victory Has ‘Huge’ Implications

Bawney Fwank Slams Dems, Unions For Making “Big Mistake” In Pushing Wisconsin Recall…

Walker Victory Bash Short on Blacks..When will black America realize that the Democratic Party is their enemy?

Wisconsin: The Real  Issue the Mainstream Media Won't Touch

Show and Tell Time 101 for Spinmeister President Barack Hussein Obama:  The high-handed US emperor stands before the world this morning buck naked

WI County-By-County Election Map Shows Landslide Walker Victory

Hitler finds out that Scott Walker won the Wisconsin recall election

Obama Will Lose Without Race Card..Forget the rigged polls and the media happy face. Mitt Romney will win the White House in November, probably in a big way, unless he is foolish enough to repeat John McCain’s 2008 display of campaign cowardice

Democrat Who Conducted Obama's Gay Lover Polygraph Indicted For Campaign Fraud

Alabama Adopts First Official State Ban on UN Agenda 21

Did Barack Obama Intentionally Misidentify Former Boss to Hide Affiliation with Saul Alinsky?

Obama Pushing Equal Pay For Women While Pelosi Says Senate Can Still Pay Them Less

Islam: Religion of Peace is Most Violent Religion in Modern Times

Court rejects appeal to overturn Proposition 8 ruling—case could head to Supreme Court

George Will calls REINS Act "indispensable", saying it would "buttress the rule of law"

Did You Know 33 Million Americans Aren’t Registered to Vote? Glenn  Beck Urges People To '‘Activate’'

Watchdog Group Sues For Financial Details Of Michelle Obama's Vacations

Oprah’s career ‘tanking because of Obama’

NOT ONE WORD From Obama White House On Anniversary Of D-Day Invasion Classless Wonders!

Ahead of Fast and Furious hearing, Issa tells Holder ‘lead or resign’

Governor Walker’s Victory Spells Doom For Unions

Big Labor's Big Boo-Boo..'The unions' reward from the citizens of Wisconsin for a year and a half of hell was a resounding "go to hell" of epic proportions'

Blowout: Walker Wins Wisconsin Recall Election!…

More Fraud..Neither Has Law License Because...

David Limbaugh: If Obama re-elected ‘we don’t deserve to keep our country’

House GOP Obtains Wiretaps From “Fast And Furious” That Prove Holder, Top DOJ Officials Lying About What DOJ Knew

Tyranny Is Displacing Freedom

Pledge allegiance to U.S., or U.N.?

ICE Agent Explains Obama's Social Security Number Reserved for Connecticut Applicants

Video: Lt. Col. Terry Lakin Discusses Obama's Eligibility and His New Book Officer's Oath

Holder Declares War On State’s Rights

Bill Clinton Privately Tells Conservative Leaders-You Have 6 Months to Save the Country

The Obama Backgrond Issue Has Hit A Turning Point

Obama Has Signed 923 Executive Orders In 40 Months - Video

Ten Things Update 2012  Govt Statistics Have Mislead for Years

Senator Barack Obama Attended Bill Ayers 4th of July Barbecue In 2005… LIAR! LIAR! Pants On Fire!

Bubba Dings Obama During Fundraiser: “I’m The Guy Who Gave You Four Surplus Budgets Out Of The Eight I Sent”…

France’s Socialist Government Rips Obama For Blaming U.S. Economic Woes On Europe…

Top Obama EPA Official Admits to Plan to Destroy the Coal Industry in America (Video)

Indiana Sets A Model For All States

Romney in Texas: “This is Obama’s economy, not George Bush’s economy”

Clinton Slams Obama: 'I’m the Only Guy Who Gave You Four Surplus Budgets'

First Ladies Shouldn't Tell Girls to Shake Their Booties for the Bucks..Beyonce, a sexpot and high school dropout, is Michelle's new BFF; and the right kind of role model for her girls. Michelle Obama lives in an opposite universe

Former Clinton Adviser Dick Morris - 'Bill Clinton Does Not Want Barack Obama to Win' [6-04-2012]
EXCLUSIVE -- Hypocrisy Alert: Investigation Reveals AFL-CIO, SEIU in Bed with JP Morgan Chase
The Socialist Mask of Marxism ‘..In November 2008, over 65 million Americans who were unable to identify the stealth virus of Marxism that was infecting the Democratic Party voted to give this party the White House and both chambers of Congress’
Do You Really Think AKA Obama Will Be Able To Finish His First Term If All The Things He Is Hiding Are Made Known?

Powerful! Marine Claims: Obama Said He Was Born In Mombasa

Exclusive - The Vetting - Senator Barack Obama Attended Bill Ayers Barbecue, July 4, 2005

Rocker: I'd vote for devil over Obama..'This country cannot sustain 4 more years of his cancerous ideology'

Another Obama Record!… US Treasuries Lower Than At Any Time During the Great Depression

These Are The Questions That Must Be Answered...before The Elections In November...a Must Read!...

Gotta Love This Guy!  Rep. Tim Scott Bursting the Beltway ‘Bubble,’ Letting Business In

Black Ministers Blast Elizabeth Warren's Apparent Abuse of Affirmative Action

Muslim-American Think Tank Chief: “There Is No Greater Threat To The World Right Now Than Political Islam”…

Senate Considers Ceding Power to U.N., Sinking U.S. Economy in One Blow

Radio Host Neal Boortz Retiring, Passing Torch to Herman Cain

GSA employees under IG investigation received $1.1M in bonuses

Black Leaders Call For Meeting With Elizabeth Warren To Discuss Her Affirmative Action Claims…

I Am Barack Obama's Worst Nightmare..’I am a thinking, educated, intelligent, independent voter.. fanatical in my support for the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.. Sleep well, Mr. President.  You'll see me in your dreams’

Do you really think AKA Obama will be able to finish his first term if all the things he is hiding are made known?

If I Had A World Of Mine Own..'My colleague, Mr. Massie, has often compared the Obamas to sharecroppers who won the lottery, and I differ slightly in my assessment in that I see them more as Mammy and Pappy Yokum who woke up one morning nearly four years ago and found out they were no longer living in Dogpatch. Neither had the sophistication, capacity, finesse, charm, or sense of decorum to assume the roles in which they found themselves. They rode the perfect storm of a clever but highly deceitful campaign blitz and were aided and abetted by a co-conspiring media that avoided routine vetting as if it was poison ivy. Friends in the legal community would rather lose a kidney than surrender their license to practice law, and yet, the press conveniently took a pass on the Obamas’ significant legal foibles because truth no longer fits the template of a sullied profession obsessed upon creating and controlling news as opposed to reporting it'

Dean of Koranic Studies At Gaza’s Islamic University: “We Hope To Raise The Banner of The Caliphate Over The Vatican”…

New York: Long Island Cops Claim They Were Demoted For Voting Republican…

Obama Campaign Funded by Planned Parenthood Blood Money

Muslim-American think tank chief: ‘There is no greater threat to the world right now than political Islam’

Mexico upset by Fast and Furious as revelation surfaces that Obama accepts killing as part of presidency

But That Could NEVER Happen! Japan's Topix index today hit levels not seen since 1983.

Staggering Perspective!  The Economic Disaster Inflicted by Abortion: Roe v Wade as Financial Holocaust  ‘$22.50 trillion.. federal tax revenue has been lost due to earners being aborted out of the American economy’

Breaking: CNN Commits Fraud In Obama “Birthgate”Eligibility Cover-Up Widens

FOX News Analyst Praises Tea Party, AFP  and FreedomWorks For Outstanding Grassroots Work in Wisconsin

Wisconsin: Anti-Walker Goons Pit Neighbor Against Neighbor Threatening to Publicly Identify Those Who Don’t Vote

GOP Rep. Joe Walsh: “I Think Jesse Jackson Is a Race Hustler, Just Like Al Sharpton Is”…

Debt Up $1.59T Under GOP House—More in 15 Months Than First 97 Congresses Combined

Donald Trump Hits Obama's Eligibility At North Carolina GOP Convention: Biggest Applause

CAIR Holds Seminar Teaching Muslims How To Stonewall Law Enforcement…

Name of AFL-CIO’s Super PAC Will Sound Rather Familiar If You’re A Communist…

General Motors becomes China Motors

Green Scam! 80% Of Green Energy Loans Went To Obama Donors, 19 Companies Went Bust

$63.5 Million: Tuesday’s recall election is the most expensive in Wisconsin history

Reducing the Female Population Given a Big Thumbs-Up by Democrats:


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