Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Sheriff Joe Challenges Obama's Eligibility in Florida May God Shed His Grace on this Case, this Verdict for America's Freedom!

Obama Surrenders Law License in 2008 to Escape Charges He Lied on Bar Application LYING Appears to be Obama’s Focused Area of Expertise

ObamaCare's Secret History..How a Pfizer CEO and Big Pharma colluded with the White House at the public's expense

DHS Funded Study Pushing Tea Party Terrorism Narrative Has DHS Confused the Tea Party with Occupy Movement?

More On Obama’s Socialist Ties.. he signed “Candidate Contract”..paid dues ..sought 2 turn U. S. into socialist utopia..also had ties 2 Chicago branch of Democratic Socialists of America'

Teachers Union: Socialist Ideas “As American As Apple Pie” 

Holder Says There Will Be “Impending Constitutional Crisis” If House Brings Contempt Charges Against Him BRING IT ON!

Obama Campaign Creates Race-Based Ad Hypocrite-In-Chief Obama

Senator John Cornyn Tells Eric Holder To Resign Right To His Face From Cornyn's Lips to God's Ears!

Holder: ‘In-person Voting Fraud Is Uncommon’ What is he Smoking & Where are his Meds?

Shock: Holder Refuses to Provide Testimony on Kagan’s Involvement in Obamacare Holder Has Stacked the Deck Against the American Taxpayer Since Day 1

Fed: Americans’ Net Worth Has Plunged 39% Since Obama Took Office…

Sad: POTUS Hawking T-Shirts On Twitter… Carnival Barker-In-Chief Obama has disgraced the office of POTUS

The Corruption And The Cover-up Continues On Behalf Of The Kenyan-born Illegal Alien Squatting In The People's House...

530 Links To Vetting President Obama: Presented By Voting America

citizen-led petition drive has put proposal before the voters in a state flush with tax revenue, jobs and prosperity generated by an oil boom

Canada Bracing for Massive Influx of Wisconsin Boat People

Awesome: NYPD Snubs Nose At CAIR And Leftist Groups, Will Honor Intelligence Division That Spied On Muslims

Pat Caddell Identifies National Security Advisor Tom Donilon as Obama’s Leak

Nugent: Ready to roll over the O Team — Obama and his media enablers need to answer for economic catastrophe

Republicans Outmaneuvered By Obama

Michael Bloomberg, Soda Jerk..Bloomberg's proposed soda ban is about himself, not about public health

Why I voted for Ron Paul a Ron Paul presidency would be Awesome!

Obama Records SEALED as 1st Executive Order #13489 on 1-21-09. Would a Person with Nothing to Hide Seal His Records Within 24 Hours of Taking Oath as POTUS?

Obama fraud ‘biggest potential crime’ in U.S. history

Supreme Court: Obama birth certificate appeal won't be heard

A Republican Liberation Movement: What the left fears more than anything else is being "defunded"..’.. Dem politicize..militarize every area of form the true ruling class’

Socialist Party Covering Up Obama’s Membership?

Exclusive: Caddell Names National Security Advisor Tom Donilon As Source For Leaks

Gallup: 1/3 Union Voters Support Romney Over Obama… They'd be Brain-Dead Not To!

SEIU Teams Up With Obama’s Priorities USA Super-PAC To Run Spanish-Language Anti-Romney Ads…

FOIA Docs Show Ties Between George Soros' "Free Press," Google and Obama White House:

On Being “Green”: Obama admin .. reclassified ordinary jobs as “green jobs” to prove billions of taxpayer dollars have created green & eco-friendly jobs  SCAM!

The Clintons' Covert War on Obama..'Panic..among..Dem Party..Obama out for himself, and himself only'

Michigan Leftists Decide Recall Not Such a Great Idea..Drop Petition Drive Against GOP Governor Wisconsin Domino Effect?

Mark Levin: Holder's leak investigation is only 'intended to diffuse the situation and create ambiguity'

House GOP Schedule Vote To Hold Eric Holder In Contempt of Congress..31 Democrats Expected To Vote With GOP

Quayle: ‘Absurd’ that Holder, Obama haven’t appointed Fast and Furious special prosecutor Quayle's Record has been Stellar!

Yesterday in 1964, Democrats filibustered the Civil Rights Act

UN-Funded Palestinian NGO Puppet Show Tells Kids To “Replace Cigarettes With Machine Guns” To Take Jerusalem From Israel

Adjustment To Entitlement Mentality..’ The National Review said of the Wisconsin recall election, “Walker won because he represented the taxpayer, while his opponent represented the groups whose livelihoods depend on bilking the taxpayer’

Turning On Obama..Dems Begin 2 Panic..’Obama’s performance accelerated the demise of the Party in several ways:

Ineptness & Corruption, Marxism, Politicization of the Stimulus Pkg..Soci
alist Policies, Worsening the Economic Crisis, Disregard for the Constitution, Failure to Pass a Budget for 3  years’

Two Black Teenagers Murder White Woman – Race Hustlers Nowhere to be Found

What If Congressmen Wore Uniforms Like NASCAR Drivers Which Identifies All Their Corporate Sponsors?

DOJ Stops Florida From Removing Dead People and Foreigners From Registered Voter List

Obama Believes The Most Important Issue of Second Term Is “Climate Change”…

Peter Schiff returns to Washington and literally speaks truth to power

Glenn Beck Explains Why the Federal Reserve Is a Complete ‘'Scam’'

H.R. 1146: American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2009..Summary: To end membership of the United States in the United Nations

OBAMA BANNED THIS VIDEO - GEE, I WONDER WHY!   It's time to uncover the cover-up…impeach the imposter

McCain: Eric Holder Has ‘No Credibility’ to Oversee Leaks Investigation Damn Straight!  Holder's Proven that He Doesn't!

Diana West Discusses Obama's Forged Birth Certificate and Forged Selective Service Registration Card

Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Las Vegas: Obama Identity Document Fraud; Criminal Investigation

BINGO! LOST Is Centralized Control Of The World By The all-encompassing power & global governance over world’s water sources in the name of environmental protection

NY Times: Evidence White House Colluded with Big Pharma to Push Obamacare

Obama Labor Dept. Forces Journalists to Use Government-Issued Computers Dictator-in-Chief?

What Bill Clinton Knows: What Clinton understood, and Obama doesn’t, is that politics is about people

‘We Don’t Want to Offend Other Cultures’..Scraps ‘God Bless the USA’ From School Program Blind Leading the Blind!

Obama’s Sinister “Religion”—Racist Marxism Under a Faux Biblical Veneer: Could Barack's Religious Beliefs be Any More Anti-Christian or Un-American?

Judge opening door to Obamacare Secrets? ‘..alleging Barack Obama conspired with Planned Parenthood and other special interests in the development of his health-care bill says the plaintiffs may be able to seek evidence of a secret advisory panel handpicked by the president

Wisconsin Recall..To All You Leftists, Occupiers, Unionists And Malcontents..We Couldn't Have Done It Without You!

Lord Monckton Investigates Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate

ForgeryGate: An Excerpt From Obama Expose`

Obama’s 57 States “Gaffe” Proof He Is Muslim?

Judge to feds on citizen detention: I said no!

Romney Needs to Address Nation’s Emotion of Fear If He Wants to Win In November

White House National Security Leaks Investigator Appointed By Holder Donated $4,350 To Obama 

Corruption Reigns in the Regime!
Get David Limbaugh’s latest: ‘The Great Destroyer’ you’ll learn: 

The true costs of Obama’s crony capitalism scandals – it’s even worse than you think..How Obama spends our economy into oblivion while relentlessly demonizing those who try to stop the bleeding..How the Obama administration has repeatedly, almost systematically, violated the Constitution to achieve its goals..How the Obama administration has empowered shadowy unelected bureaucrats to determine how we live, and the successes they already have in doing that.. In irrefutable detail, Limbaugh, like a prosecuting attorney, makes his case that the Obama administration is a real and present danger to America’s future

You Can’t Really Prove Obama’s a Commie?….Try KeyWiki

Obama Mega-Donor And “Patriotic Millionaire” Makes Huge Profit By Shorting Obama-Funded Solar Company…

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